These Pictures Prove The Manul Cat Has The BEST Facial Expressions In The World


Cats are rather expressive creatures known to make some pretty funny faces, but Manul cats are easily the most expressive of all! Manul cats, more commonly known as the Pallas’ cats, are characterized by short legs and a flat face with wide-set ears and round pupils. The Manul is around the same size as a domestic cat but tends to look much larger due to its very thick hair and extremely muscular body.

This old breed of wild feline is found naturally living in the grasslands and montane steppes of Central Asia. The nearest relative to the Manul cat is the leopard cat, the two breeds separated around 5.2 million years ago. Unfortunately, this awesome breed is near threatened. Their fur with its ‘frosted’ tips is beautiful and warm, causing many humans to hunt the cat in the past. Thankfully, it is now illegal to hunt this species in most countries.

Manul cats live a relatively solitude life high up in the mountains, around 16,000 feet in the sky. As a result, they are exposed to few viral infections, which sounds like a good thing but actually means they have weakened immune systems. When brought into captivity they have a very small rate of survival, with mortality rates in new litters as high as 44.9%.

These photos may make you want your own Manul cat, but before you start picking out cat names you should know this breed is typically restricted to living in the wild or with professional zoos.

1. Say WHAT?!


Photo Credit: Tambako The Jaguar

2. Hot DAMN!


Photo Credit: Wendy Salisbury

3. Evil Eyes


Photo Credit: nimble.lynx

4. Sleepy Face


Photo Credit: Unknown

5. Why I Outta!


Photo Credit: joke kok 

6. ‘I Just Woke Up, Don’t Mess’ Face

No, but seriously, don’t mess! The Manul cat is a mean fighter thanks to the fact they are built strong and are just as fast and agile as any other feline.


Photo Credit: Oscar Carlos Cortelezzi

7. Kittens!!


Photo Credit: Micael Carlsson

8. Please Protect Me Face


Photo Credit:

9. Starry Eyes


Photo Credit: Unknown

10. Like OMG


Photo Credit: Michel Mrazek

11. That’s Right, I’m The King


Photo Credit: Tambako The Jaguar

12. Surprise!


Photo Credit: Tobi K

13. I’m So Bummed Right Meow


Photo Credit: Tambako The Jaguar

14. Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid


Photo Credit: Daniel Münger

15. Weight Watchers Isn’t Going Well And I DON’T Want To Talk About It


Photo Credit:

16. Any Last Words?


Photo Credit: Bee Kay

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