Man Travels Over 3,000 Miles Taking Pictures Of Iceland’s Unique Landscapes


When you think of Iceland you might think of blankets of ice and nothing else. But the truth is that Iceland has a vast array of beautiful landscapes, some of which are anything but icy. Thanks to traveler and photographer Stian Rekdal we can see the best of Iceland’s landscapes. Although Stian remained on the same body of land, the landscapes prove diverse enough to be from different worlds.

For 3 weeks Stian took to the road, traveling 3,000 miles through Iceland and taking over 40,000 unbelievable photos along the way. He used around 3,500 of these images to create a time-lapse video unlike anything you have ever seen.


Stian lives in Norway where he works as a professional time-lapse photographer. He has traveled all over the world taking pictures, which he then uses to create the most beautiful masterpieces. He invites anyone to travel into a world far away from home by simply watching his time-lapse videos, which include photo journeys through South East Asia, Alesund, Norway, Greece, Morocco, and more.


Time-lapse photography includes taking a series of still shots and then combining them to create what looks like a moving picture. Stian’s use of this creates a feeling that you are forging towards the sight ahead, instead of just looking at a picture.

Stian recreates the Northern Lights show using a series of photos that show off the epic scale of the brilliant night sky. Throughout his expedition it appears that he caught sight of a number of the green and multicolored light shows.


The Northern Lights show does not occur all of the time, and those that happen to be looking up at the sky it does occur consider themselves among the fortunate. These light shows are most likely to occur during the winter months, on nights when the moon is not very bright. They can only be seen when you are far away from city lights.


Stian is hired by people all over the world to construct photograph projects, each one more incredible than the next. His portfolio of work is especially full of expansive landscapes, Aurora Borealis, cityscapes, and famous landmarks.

The photo below is the Hof House, a well known landmark in Hof, Iceland. Built back in 1883, it is the first turf church known to exist in Iceland. The National Museum of Iceland has owned the adorable and historically rich building since 1951.



Iceland does not have very many trees, although this hasn’t always been the case. Writings that date back to the 12th Century indicate people were already noticing a decline in trees, as they mention their ancestors discovered Iceland covered in trees. There are a number of reasons the tree population is in rapid decline including, chopping down too many trees, overgrazing sheep, harsh weather, and volcanic ash, all of which cause erosion and prevent healthy trees from developing.

But of course, parts of Iceland do include ice!


Iceland is located on the mid-Atlantic Ridge where a divergent tectonic plat boundary exists, for this reason Iceland has a lot of volcanoes. 30 of which are active, and 13 of which have erupted since Iceland was established in AD 874.

Some cool facts about Iceland:

-During June and July Iceland enjoys 24-hours of sunshine.

-Around 85% of Iceland’s energy comes from renewable sources, over 50% of which is derived from geothermal activity.

-30% of the country is covered in lava fields, and 11% if the country is covered by glaciers, talk about fire and ice!

-The majority of Icelanders believe in Elves




During Stian’s journey, the photographer clicked some 40,000 photos. He then created a video using 3,500 of the most incredible images. Can you imagine how long it took him to pick out his favorite shots?

Watch Stian’s time-lapse video of Iceland’s incredible landscapes here:

Photo Credits: Stian RekdalYouTube