A Man Filmed Heaven For 7 Days. What He Saw Took My Breath Away


You can’t deny that Earth is an absolutely spectacular place.

It’s full of boundless natural wonders that many take for granted each day,

some things moving just too slowly for us to ever really notice.

But in this spectacular video,

you can soak up plenty of natural beauty that you might not have seen otherwise.

A photographer ventured to Mount Teide in Spain

and took shots of the landscape to create an amazing film.

Mount Teide, located in Teide National Park, is Spain’s highest peak and rises out of an enormous volcanic crater.

It’s one of the best places to photograph stars, as you can easily see from the scenes in the video.

The peak can be reached by a cable car where you can then walk around and take in all the magnificent sights.

But you need special permission and the right fitness level to endure a 6 hour climb to reach the mouth of the volcano.A-Man-Filmed-Heaven-For-7-Days.-What-He-Saw-Took-My-Breath-Away-3

However, you don’t have to jet off to Spain to see how gorgeous Mount Teide is (although, there’s definitely nothing wrong that either). The photographer managed to capture all of its beauty on one video. Just make sure to turn your sound up and open it in full screen for the complete experience.

The film starts out as the sun is starting to fall low in the sky. The trees and rolling landscape of the earth is darkly silhouetted against the glittering star-studded backdrop. Clouds beneath the sky move and shift, almost like rushing water, with a bright orange streak running through them.A-Man-Filmed-Heaven-For-7-Days.-What-He-Saw-Took-My-Breath-Away-8

The scene changes to a forested area, where misty clouds with hints of changing purple and blue shades move forward and backward amongst the trees. We’re then taking to a spot where a low set sun brilliantly stains the sky a wide array of colors – blues, purples, oranges, and yellows.A-Man-Filmed-Heaven-For-7-Days.-What-He-Saw-Took-My-Breath-Away-12

As time goes on, the ground beneath it picks up different shades as well, from warm tones to cool. The entire scene miraculously changes color as time goes on.

There’s plenty of views of gorgeous night skies full of bright and shining stars.A-Man-Filmed-Heaven-For-7-Days.-What-He-Saw-Took-My-Breath-Away-4

The heavens change as the earth rotates, providing many various views of the dark sky in mere seconds. Clouds also shift high above and you can see shooting stars flash quickly across the screen. It’s absolutely surreal.

At one point, a scene is dominated by a spectacular red and orange sky, as if the heavens are made of the same lava that lies beneath them.A-Man-Filmed-Heaven-For-7-Days.-What-He-Saw-Took-My-Breath-Away-11

You get to see a gorgeous bright blue and orange hued sky, with clouds shifting and moving in a way that looks like surging ocean waves. The lens points up towards towering trees, making you feel like a very small person in this big world.

Fluffy-looking clouds stream through the peak of the mountain while yellow and purple flowers color the foreground.A-Man-Filmed-Heaven-For-7-Days-5

Another scene looks out across a gorgeous landscape with rugged ground, scattered trees, and mountains in the background. The brilliant blue sky has a beaming sun that shines out behind wispy white clouds.

Try as I might, words just can’t accurately portray the beauty that this film holds; the natural settings of Mount Teide are absolutely spectacular. The video’s surreal images also expose all the changes the earth makes each day, showing just how alive the planet really is.A-Man-Filmed-Heaven-For-7-Days.-What-He-Saw-Took-My-Breath-Away

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