This Man Dives Into The Abyss… And It’s Absolutely Terrifying!

This Man Dives Into The Abyss And It’s Absolutely Terrifying

Written By: Zach Souza

If this doesn’t scare you, then just try holding your breath with this guy and see if the fear doesn’t start to sink in.

Guillaume Nery is a world class free diver and an insanely crazy thrill seeker. Combining his love of free diving and base jumping, Nery take a leap of faith off Dean’s Blue Hole in to the dark unforeseeable abyss below.

Sinking in at 663 feet, Dean’s Blue Hole in the Bahamas is known as the deepest sinkhole in the world. During a free diving competition there, Nery took the time out to make this epic short film showcasing his amazing ability to keep calm, as he free falls down the watery pitch black void with no equipment or air supply. This video truly is breathtaking to see.

As you watch Nery fall every so gracefully down the pit of nothingness, you can’t help but feel nervous for the guy. It almost looks like some gigantic sea monster is just going to jump out of the darkness at any moment and swallow him whole.

It’s one thing to hold your breath for almost 4 minutes, but it’s a whole other thing to keep your cool as you fall in to the world’s largest sinkhole in complete darkness. You have no idea what could be lurking around down there!
The average person can hold their breath for up to 45 seconds to a minute before feeling uncomfortable. After that your organs start collapsing in on themselves and your diaphragm will start to spasm, expanding and constricting faster and faster as it tries to force you to breath.
So if you’re still watching this and trying to hold your breath, now would be a good time to start breathing again…
After about 2-3 minutes, your body starts convulsing under all that pressure and lack of air. If you don’t get to the surface soon, you’d most likely pass out, and if you don’t float to the top fast enough, it’s very likely that you would drown. So no trying this at home, or at your local 663 foot sinkhole kids!

But If you’re still holding your breath and you’ve made it to the 4 minute mark, then chances are that you’re either a fish or Guillaume Nery himself.

In which case, it is an honor having you on our humble page Guillaume, and we’d personally like to let you to know that you sir are an amazing human being!

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