Bring The Moon Into Your Room With This Glowing Luna Moon Lamp


Have you ever wished you could bring the perfect glow of the moon into your own room? If so, Luna The Moon Lamp is your next best option. Luna is made from a glass fiber ball coated in layers of non-toxic latex and it glows just like a pretty good replica of the real moon, mostly in terms of its bright brilliance, colors and shape. Luna is designed as an artistic representation of the moon as opposed to a more realistic, scientifically calculated version.

Under the slogan ‘Bring the moon along with you,’ Luna is already a big hit. The unique version of a lamp is currently hosted on IndieGoGo, and has already reached over 1,000% of its original fundraising goal. At the time of writing this the Luna Lamp has earned 2,287 backers, raising a total of $450,087 in only 26 days.

Acorn Studio, based out of New Taipei City, Taiwan, designed and created the awesome Luna Moon Lamp. The company writes on their IndieGoGo fundraising page, “It’s the design decor that turns your space into a magical world. It’s the lamp that lightens up your favorite reading corner. You decide what Luna is, and how you want to make your life prettier with it.”

moon-lamp-luna-acorn-studio-5The Luna Moon Lamp comes in a number of sizes, and depending how much you donate towards the project you get a smaller or bigger size. For $305 you can have the largest Moon measuring 11.8 inches in diameter—221 people have already claimed this model.

A $75 donation will get you the XXS ‘sweet mini Luna’ measuring 3.2-inches in diameter; this model has already been claimed by 1,000 + people. These Luna lamps are going fast and some models are already sold out; learn more here.


Photo Credits: luna-the-moon.comFacebooktwitterindiegogo

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