Photographer Catches Dragon Lizard Playing Leaf Guitar In Indonesia


The next best musical sensation just might be a forest dragon lizard! Aditya Permana is a professional photographer based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Recently, while out exploring the lush forests he came across a rather adorable dragon lizard playing leaf guitar, or at least that’s what it looks like. The lizard was actually motionless as he held the leaf, but he still looks like a natural musician.

While some people are bashing Permana for moving the lizard like this, and potentially even harming him in the process, Permana insists this is not true. We most certainly hope it is not, and according to Permana it isn’t. He says that he never moves, alters or does anything to force wild animals into any poses, this lizard included.

Permana claims he watched the lizard move into this position all on his own, holding a leaf like a guitar slung across his body. Permana observed the lizard for a solid hour before the lizard moved into his rock star pose, imitating a human playing a guitar.

In an interview with the Dailymail, Permana explained that he never physically interferes with the lizards, instead he allows them to feel comfortable and act naturally, allowing for the best photographs of all. Permana said, “I did not directly photograph the lizard at first, until the lizards feel calm and comfortable around me. I noticed it looked like it was playing a guitar – and it didn’t move at all.”


The forest dragon lizard lives in the picturesque, lush forests of Indonesia, pictured above.

Permana posted the photo to Facebook with the caption, “Let’s Sing a song, Play from A Major Chord…” It quickly gained hundreds of shares and thousands of likes, and it’s easy to see why! It’s not everyday you come across a lizard playing a leaf guitar.


Bears Doing Human Things

The Mirror suggested a few songs the forest dragon lizard might play, “’Don’t Beleaf a Word’ by Thin Lizzy, ‘You Can Leaf Your Hat On’ by Tom Jones, ‘If You Leaf Me Now’ by Chicago, ‘Karma Chameleon’ by Culture Club, and ‘Don’t Leaf Me This Way’ by Thelma Houston.”

Clearly this lizard is very comfortable, as he sits kicked back with leaf in hand. It’s not easy to make a wild lizard feel calm around you, if you even get near a lizard they usually just run fast in the other direction.

On Bored Panda, readers have accused Permana of drugging or killing the lizard, since this is not the most natural position to find a lizard kicking back in. Permana has responded to these accusations saying, “Come here to Indonesia…. I’ll show what he is doing right now…”

Others defend Permana, saying he has other action shots of the lizard that prove he is alive and well. As for the rumors surrounding the validity of this photo, we will let you decide.


Permana has a lot of other wildlife photos, albeit just as cool his photos don’t typically include wildlife acting like humans. Another example of his photography is this adorable dude going after a delicious fly!


You can see more of Aditya Permana’s work on Facebook, 500PX, and Twitter. Here is a photo of the photographer with a few of his friends.


Photo Credits: Facebook, Twitter500pxDailymail

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