Life Finds A Way: 25 Plants That Just Won’t Give Up


Plants will grow wherever they can find a small crack of sunlight, a glimmer of hope. There is something that thrives within all living things, a force that drives us to want to live over anything else. Although plants don’t have the brains to think on such a complex level about survival as we do, they undeniably want to live.

Have you ever had a plant that you forgot to water? Then, just as it looked to be dead as a doorknob you realized you should probably water it? All that it takes is a little love and care and that plant will come right back to life. The plant wants to live, and will live if given even the faintest resources to try and make do with.

These 25 plants prove that if you don’t give up, you can flourish from just about anywhere!


From old and decrepit trash, the most perfect white and yellow flower blooms.


A tiny crack in the sidewalk is all this flower-child needs to break free, spreading some beauty to all that pass. A plants root system is very complex, their long thin roots dig down deep into the soil to find the moisture necessary to stay alive.


Beautiful orange flowers bloom from the boring gray sidewalks of this street.


Purple power, how gorgeous are these?!!?


When cracks in the sidewalks form, water is able to seep through, feeding the soil deep beneath the ground. From this little slit in the road, a whole new life is formed. This line in particular looks like a little green family!


It looks like the ground is literally holding this bouquet up for someone to grab as they go about their day, a little gift from the natural world down under.


This looks like a Jack-o’-Lantern mushroom. A type of mushroom that typically grows in clusters around the base of trees. They especially like deciduous wood, such as oak. Give them just the right environment and they are going to grow–no ands ifs or buts!


A tree grows right out of this old building, and it’s not the only one. It sounds truly strange, but there are a number of buildings around the world that have trees growing out of them.


I’d hate to tell whoever lives here this, but when plants start growing out of brick the structure is bound to become severely compromised. While this makes for a pretty neat sight, you don’t want your own brick structure to take on the same ‘earthy’ appearance.


Something about this image is SO cool…just how the bulb of the plant is growing inside of the wrought iron detailing, it’s almost mind-boggiling.


Is it just me or does this little weed growing from the sidewalk look like a miniature version of a tree you’d find out in Africa?


In an endless dump of old tires, life still finds a way to pop through the surface.


Nature’s art is the most amazing art…



This one reminds me of Jumanji a little…


An entire ship succumbed to a miniature forest. I can’t help but wonder what sorts of creatures call this abandoned ship home.


Once a headlight, now a habitat.



The lifeless bricks have lost the battle against the vibrant moss and bright yellow flowers…


No matter what direction they need to grow in, these flowers are willing to do it if only to survive.




See more trees winning the fight against concrete. 

Image Credits:, Guy Tal, Worldbeyondyourown, Wei-Feng Xue, Laurent Bartkowski, Ed Sijmons, Anonymous Panda, Ari C, Panda, David Poe, Markus Gebauer, imgur, H.C. Williams, Richard Calmes, Chris Goldberg, James Jackson, Dean Forbes, Ireena Nieuwenhuis-Worthy, imgur,  imgur, imgur, imgur, Andre Scultori, AndyBrii