How To Easily Make Edible Stackable LEGO Gummy Candy

What You’ll Need:

1 box of JELL-O
Some light corn syrup
2 packets of unflavored gelatin (Small boxes have 4 packets/envelopes inside but you only need 2)
Silicon Lego candy mold (You can buy on Amazon)
Lego baseplate (Also available on Amazon)


Measure out ½ cup of ice-cold water and add ¼ cup corn syrup.
Stir the mixture thoroughly until the corn syrup dissolves.
Pour the mixture into a pot on the stove but don’t turn on the heat just yet.
Add two packets of unflavored gelatin.
Pour in the entire box of JELL-O and let absorb into water for a few minutes, be patient and stir slowly until gelatin is completely mixed in.
Set your stove to medium-low heat for around 8 minutes, stir the soon-to-be candy mixture regularly.
When the gelatin is liquefied the mixture is ready, at this time pour the syrupy mixture directly into your Lego molds. Fill the molds just a little higher than the top because as the candy cools it will shrink a little.

If you want to build with your Lego gummy candy there’s one final step… all you need is a clean Lego baseplate lightly brushed with vegetable oil. Place this directly on top of your candy mold and then set something heavy, like a book, on top so that it stays down and in place while the candies set.

lego-brick-gummy-diy-king-of-random-grant-thompson-2Leave out to cool on the counter for 6+ hours and candy should be ready for playing and eating.

lego-brick-gummy-diy-king-of-random-grant-thompson-10The greatest part is that the candy isn’t sticky or mushy like you might imagine. Instead it is firm and surprisingly easy to play with and stack.

lego-brick-gummy-diy-king-of-random-grant-thompson-4With the right molds you can make anything you want, including these little Lego men.

lego-brick-gummy-diy-king-of-random-grant-thompson-6lego-brick-gummy-diy-king-of-random-grant-thompson-5Watch the full video tutorial here:

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