Internet Falls in Love With Leo the Swinging Baby Donkey


Photo Credit: YouTube/GĂ´iania, GO, Brasil

Need something to make you smile? Leo the swinging baby donkey is sure to do the trick. Viewers across the globe have fallen in love with this little guy who just really loves to kick back, relax and enjoy swinging in his hammock.

The tiny, cuddly donkey from Brazil is really loving life so far. But wouldn’t you, if you spent every day swinging in a hammock? He’s got not a care in the world, as every day is hammock time! There are no Monday blues for Leo, that’s for sure. After he enjoys a few swings, he even gets an amazing belly rub.

Check out this video and watch how he sucks it all up. Despite the loud voices getting in the way a bit, his obvious happiness makes up for it with Leo’s tail just wagging away as we can only hope nothing will destroy his happy, perfect little life.

The clip has racked up more than 865,000 views since it was uploaded on September 18.

If only we could live every day like Leo, wouldn’t life be grand?