Swim in this Washington DC Museum’s Amazing Indoor Ball Pit For Adults

bubble pit

Photo Credit: snarkitecture

Ever wanted to jump inside a bubble pit but then suddenly remembered that you’re not a kid anymore? Well, now you can do it anyway at the National Building Museum in Washington DC. It’s become the home of a massive ocean of a million plastic bubbles – and, even a plastic beach!

The beach, designed by an experimental design firm named Snarkitecture, has a sloping all-white beach-front and mirrors to expand the space twofold, and there’s even a concession stand. On top of all that, it’s at least somewhat eco-friendly as the plastic bubbles are recyclable.


The National Building Museum is well-versed when it comes to creating ridiculously cool installations. In 2014, they had a maze that guests could try to make their way through, and get lost in, truly capturing the essence of what it feels like to be a kid… even as a grownup.

And, no one has to wear sunscreen, shake sand out of their shorts or worry about jellyfish. Not to mention sharks – at least real ones anyway!

This incredible plastic beach, complete with beach chairs, will be open through September 7th, so if you plan to be in America’s capital, be sure to put this museum on your must-visit itinerary.