Incredibly Realistic Baby Animal Toys By Lee Cross


Is that a real baby panda or a stuffed animal?

Wood Splitter Lee, also known by her real name as Lee Cross, knows how to make some of the most realistic baby animals you have ever seen. She creates her masterpieces in Alaska, but her artwork is coveted by people from all over the world.

You can purchase one of Lee Cross’s creations through her “Auction Adoptions” as she calls them, held on Ebay. The term ‘adoption’ is spot-on considering these are not your typical stuffed animals, but instead look like real animals of all kinds.

Check out some of the collection here, you might find yourself wondering–is that really a stuffed animal?!


Each unique animal begins by carefully constructing a skeleton by hand. Once formed, it is stuffed with plush filling. Lee then covers the stuffed skeleton in cloth and adorns it with paint and synthetic fur, no real animals are harmed here, thankfully! Lee doesn’t use any molds, each creation comes from the sheer talent of her hands, eyes, and skills working together.


These animals truly look real, and in proof they bring some big bucks on Ebay. Selling for anywhere from $185 to $910. Lee’s creations warrant their price tag because they are so unique and detailed, let’s just say these are far from  your average teddy bear sold at the toy store. Wood Splitter Lee’s Original Sculptures are one-of-a-kind works of art that could trick anyone into thinking they are real–at least until they noticed it wasn’t breathing.


Lee doesn’t just create the animals we see everyday, she is also known for her fantasy beasts collection. If you love magic and mystical characters, you have got to check out some of her other work, here. If a prehistoric Tundra Stag or multicolor unicorn sounds like the type of animal you WISH you could adopt, well now you can, at least the most-real looking version of one ever.

Or you could just keep it simple, and adopt one of Lee’s more natural creations, like the cute little cub pictured below.



Since you can pose the stuffed animals into different positions they look even more real.


Lee keeps up with every last detail, so not one aspect of the stuffed animal disappoints. Even the details on this Panda’s mouth are amazingly realistic, despite how easy it would be to create a cheesy looking mouth. Lee goes the extra mile to get everything just right.


Just too cute!! With such incredible work, it might appear that Wood Splitter Lee was taught by a master sculpture. Think again, Lee is actually a self-taught genius, capable of creating these masterpieces strictly from her own natural talents.




“Will you be my fur-ever friend?” How could anyone say no to those eyes–real or not!


This posable wolf pup has already sold to someone very excited, I’m sure. Just look at the detail in that fur and those orange eyes!


As a kid I loved stuffed animals so very much! There is nothing I would have wanted more than one of these realistic looking stuffed pets, especially before I got a real dog of my own. But even now as an adult, with real living pets to take care of, these stuffed animals are looking a little too cute to resist…

I can just hear it now,”Ya… about that $800 credit card charge, I bought a stuffed animal.”




The best part about these cute little cuddle pets? They don’t bark, require regular walks, or eat massive amounts of food. Plus, how could you ever have a bad day just looking at that cute little face?!


Image Credits: Deviantart, Ebay, Facebook