Hilariously Recreated Childhood Photographs


There is a new trend going viral and it includes going through your old family photos and digging out the best of the bunch. Old photos are being recreated left and right, creating a lot of funny ‘before and after’ montages to check out on the web.  I especially love when siblings partake in the fun together, highlighting how much they have grown and changed throughout the years, all the while remaining siblings at heart.

What old photo could you recreate with friends, family, or on your own? Allow these recreated family photos serve as your inspiration, as the following before and after photos prove both hilarious and heartwarming.


One father uses his own infant to recreate a childhood photograph. 2 months vs 484 months, calculating your age in months can start to make you feel pretty old!


There are so many different things about these two picture. For starters, the 2 boys have grown into men. Yet at the same time so much remains the same–like the pink chairs, the white cat statue, and the curvy candlesticks in the background. But what happened to the little girl in pink on the other side of the toddler?


Picture day at school back when Mr. Smith attended middle school, and then again many years later after Mr. Smith became a teacher at the same school…


Now that’s a big baby… and a very strong mommy!


I wonder if they will get as much candy as adults wearing these same costumes…


Credits to this guy for finding the exact same “Red Nose Day” shirt for men! This is the beauty of having your parents remain in the same home you grew up in, you have endless places to recreate photos! Quick, go tell your mom and dad not to move before your recreated pictures are complete!


The end results of recreated pictures are always fun to look at. They bring laughter to people that don’t even know the characters in the photographs. At the same time we do know the strangers pictured in these photos, because in so many respects they are just like you and me. These images bring out a common bond all humans share, in that time never stops and so many things change, but at the core root it is always the same.

While deep and inspirational, these photos are also really fun to create. First you have to find just the right picture to fit the bill, plan how it will be recreated, and then go shopping to buy the perfect matching outfit. This can be especially fun when you partake in the mission with others, perhaps a great bonding activity for busy siblings that don’t get to hang out enough.


This sweet little puppy is all grown up into a lovely dog! The same is true for both pets and humans, there are certain qualities about the eyes, smile, and the way the face lights up that remains the same no matter how old or young you are.


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He’s still got that sassy smirk going on, even all these years later!


Rocking the jean dress and dolly like it’s 1988.


Can you imagine what the photographer hired to create the second round of photos was thinking? He’d probably never been asked to capture a head shot quite like this…


Moments later, the rocking horse broke… I joke, but props to this guy for making a great imitation of his horseback riding baby-self!



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