If You Can’t Wake Up On Time You Need This High Voltage Ejector Bed


If Clocky, the motorized alarm clock that runs away so you can’t hit the snooze button, isn’t enough to force you out bed, you need this High Voltage Ejector Bed. The mad engineer behind the amazing invention is Colin Furze.

Furze has created the perfect bed to prevent anyone from oversleeping an alarm ever again. His High Voltage Ejector Bed gives you five minutes after your first alarm goes off to get up, and if you’re still trying to hit the snooze button at this point you’re in for it. With the sound of ringing bells and car horns going off this bed will toss you right out and onto the floor.

Furze is known for a number of equally wild and awesome inventions, all of which he makes in his own garage. He relied on ordinary domestic compressor powers to make the pistons necessary to toss you out of bed.

Furze was inspired to make this hardcore bed from his Youtube channel viewers, as well as Wallace and Gromit. Coffee brand Taylors of Harrogate funded the invention, making the Ejector Bed a reality.

Furze makes some of the coolest inventions, but before he was wowing the world with his creativity and hosting the Gadget Geeks show on Sky1 he worked as a plumber.

You can see more of his wild inventions on his YouTube channel and website.