Champion Mom Transforms Son’s Hearing Aids Into Superheroes So He Feels Cool Instead Of Different


We can preach diversity until we are blue in the face but in reality kids don’t like to be different from their peers. Cochlear implants and other types of hearing aids help kids hear but they can also make kids feel different from their peers.

UK-based Sarah Ivermee’s son, Freddie, was diagnosed with profound deafness and hearing loss when he was only 3 months old. In 2014, he and his family opted for surgically implanted hearing devices.

Sarah told The Mighty, “Having a cochlear implant fitted for your child is no easy choice, and it isn’t right for everyone. But it has made Freddie’s world a much bigger place.”

When Sarah’s friend told her that her daughter was struggling to feel comfortable at school wearing hearing aids Sarah came up with the perfect solution. Sarah suggested her friend add nail stickers to her daughter’s hearing aids… and it worked! Sarah said, “She loves them and loves the fact that she can have fancy designs and her friends don’t.”

Sarah used her imagination to make her son’s hearing aids more fun to wear as well, embellishing them so that they look like superheroes. In fact, Freddie’s hearing aids look so cool he is now the envy of every other kid on campus!

Supermom Sarah’s idea was such a hit out on the playground she decided to start up her own business in 2014 called Lugs. She now ships out affordable, fun custom-made hearing device decorations to children all over the world.

hearing-aid-decorations-kids-cochlear-implant-sarah-ivermee-lugs-3“I thought there would be a lot of families struggling with children who don’t want to wear their [hearing devices], and I felt I had to help.”

hearing-aid-decorations-kids-cochlear-implant-sarah-ivermee-lugs-1Sarah’s idea to decorate hearing aids turned out to be a true superhero, and as a result she now designs hearing aids to help deaf and hard-of-hearing children all over the world feel better. “People all over the world are wearing the little kits that I make in my living room; it’s unbelievable!”

hearing-aid-decorations-kids-cochlear-implant-sarah-ivermee-lugs-7“Knowing children are not just happy to wear their hearing aids and cochlears but that they are proud to show them off makes it all worth while. We just hope we can help as many children and adults as we can and have fun and creative devices that they are proud of.”

hearing-aid-decorations-kids-cochlear-implant-sarah-ivermee-lugs-2“Lugs” is another word for ear lobes, or ears. You can learn more by visiting the official Lugs’ website.

hearing-aid-decorations-kids-cochlear-implant-sarah-ivermee-lugs-4Photo Credits:

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