Hamping: Latest Tents Lets Campers Sleep Among the Trees


Photo Credit: Travis Burke via Tentsile

If you haven’t heard, the latest trend in camping is “hamping,” or sleeping in hammock tents. While both hammocks and tents have been around for centuries, more recently hammock tents, or hamping, offers the chance to sleep suspended in the air among the trees.

Several outdoor gear manufacturers have developed them, but Tentsile, is truly revolutionizing camping with its range of suspended tents. Last year, the company unveiled a suspended, portable tree house: the Tentsile Tree Tent.

tent tree house

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tent waterfall

Photo Credit: tentsile

Now, the company has taken things even farther, and it seems hamping is really catching on. It revealed three new models. Trillium is a small, stackable, versatile three-person hammock that can sleep up to three persons. Vista is a two-layer tree tent, and the largest tent in the range, Trilogy, is a huge communal tent that can hold as many as six people, with three separate sleeping areas and a central canopy.


Photo Credit: tentsile.com


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Photo Credit: tentsile.com

Tensile was invented by designers Alex Shirley-Smith and Kirk Kirchev in 2012. As part of its environmental initiative, it also plants three trees for every tent purchased.