This Guy’s Epic 600-Day Trip Around The World Makes Me Rethink My Whole Existence


Watch out Ellen –

this world traveler has a compilation of selfies that will give your star-studded Oscar’s shot a run for its money.

A man named Alex Chacon spent 600 days traveling all around the world

and managed to visit an impressive total of 36 countries.

With a handy GoPro attached to a monopod, he took plenty of shots of himself in several locations throughout his travels.

Lucky for us,

he also compiled all these quick blips together into a video so you can watch in envy

as he visits places one could only dream of seeing.

You seriously can’t get through the video without feeling a pressing urge to quit your day job, hop aboard the next plane out of the country, and see every single inch of this beautiful Earth without any other care in the world.

But Chacon’s crazy expeditions involve much more than just getting neat shots of himself.

The traveler is a self-proclaimed “adventure rider”, public speaker, videographer, and professional photographer that wasn’t going to settle for anything less than an unbelievable and worthwhile experience. He didn’t stay in 5-star hotels or lounge on the beach while sipping cocktails all day long.

Instead, Alex explored the world on his motorcycle, all while helping charities that work with children in the process, like raising money for Children of Uganda in Africa on his 500 day solo trip from Alaska to Argentina.This-Guy’s-Epic-600-Day-Trip-Around-The-World-Makes-Me-Rethink-My-Whole-Existence-2

As if his travels weren’t cool enough already, it makes it even better that he doesn’t just do it for himself but helps out others in the process.

If you’re intrigued by his video, you can learn much more about Chacon and his adventures on his blog, The Modern Motorcycle Diaries, where he lists information on his routes, charity efforts, experiences, and more.

It won’t take you long to see why any travel-lover should be envious of him; what he does is seriously amazing, and he doesn’t let anything stop him from seeing the world. He bravely ventures out onto rugged dirt roads, survives natural disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes, and doesn’t let weather like hail, rain, or snow put a crimp on his travels.

He doesn’t need any luxury accommodations either, instead camping out at gas stations, couch surfing, and staying at hostels and strangers’ homes.This-Guy’s-Epic-600-Day-Trip-Around-The-World-Makes-Me-Rethink-My-Whole-Existence-4

While it may sound tough to travel like Chacon, he has fantastic memories to last him a life time that make it all worth the while. Flipping through his photos and reading through his blog, you can easily see all the amazing things he’s experienced, like standing under the Eiffel tower in Paris, exploring the local streets of Nepal, camping out under the northern lights of Alaska, boarding down an active Volcano in Leon Nicaragua, and crossing over a Bolivian river on a bridge made up of mere twigs – the list goes on and on!

What makes his travels even more impressive is that he hardly relied on common uses of transportation, like planes, boats, and trains, instead primarily using his motorcycle to get around.

Thankfully, with all the photos and information he’s provided, you can practically live his adventures through him. You can seriously spend hours on end gazing at his stunning photos, watching his videos, and reading all about his amazing experiences.

What Chacon has accomplished can be described as nothing short of amazing. For those wishing to travel the world someday, it’s absolutely inspiring to learn about his adventures and makes you wonder if you could do it to.This-Guy’s-Epic-600-Day-Trip-Around-The-World-Makes-Me-Rethink-My-Whole-Existence-3

Question of the Day:

Would you travel around the world like Alex? If so, where would you visit?

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