Guy Makes Statues Take Selfies By Cleverly Positioning His Camera


Museums are known as serious places, with signs that beg you to silence your cell phone, keep loud noises to a minimum, and please no running! That doesn’t mean museums are boring, especially not if you go with one Reddit user who knows how to make even the most ‘statue’ people have some fun!

While visiting the museum, he decided the detailed poses the statues are crafted in could potentially make for the perfect selfie. Turns out he was right. It took some creativity and thought, and also a lot of strange looks from the people working at the museum, but in the end it really does appear that the statues have gotten a bit ‘selfish’ overnight and started taking selfies.

These statue selfies were taken at the Crawford Art Gallery located in Cork, Ireland. the museum has a vast assortment of plaster Greco-Roman statues reminiscent of the distant past. These are the plaster versions of the original statues, which can be found at the Vatican museum in Rome.

Check out these statue selfies here and see how the past and the modern day world of selfies come together as one.


Although these statues were around long before the iPhone, and selfies, took the world by storm, it looks like their selfie game is right on.

These statues are crafted after classical sculptures, created in Ancient Greece and Anciant Rome. The statues found in this exhibit are based largely from the Classical to Hellenistic period, which occurred in the 4th Century. At which point in time it was the norm for wealthy families to have sculptures of animals, children, and people created in order to adorn their homes and landscapes.

Interestingly, despite the fact we associate white marble with classical sculptures, research tells us that many of the statues during this time period were actually painted in vivid shades of color. Over time, these colors wore away, but in some cases fragments of the former colors remained present, alerting us that colored statues did exist.


Many of the statues throughout this exhibit are posed in just the right positions for a selfie. Take the Fighting Gladiator, pictured above, for example. With his arms outstretched, and his face turned up towards the camera, what better time to take a selfie–with or without any clothes on!

For all of you history buffs out there, this particular statue (above) was made from the roman copy at the Vatican, and brought to the Cork museum way back in 1849.

Over 200,000 people travel to visit the Crawford Art Gallery each year, and undoubtably MANY selfies are snapped on a daily basis here. Yet until now, no other visiter has thought to take a selfie quite like this.


The Crawford Art Gallery has over 2,000 different works of art, plus continuously rotating exhibitions. The museum is at the heart of Cork city and is symbolic of Ireland’s culture and history.

The plaster Greco-Roman statues are a part of the museum’s permanent works of art, and one of their most treasured. Just because these sculptures are not the originals, which you can find at the Vatican, they are made from sculpture casts from 1818, brought directly to Cork from the Vatican Museum in Rome.

The selfie below might be my favorite of all, it looks like the statue is totally cheesing, or maybe even singing a song.


While this Reddit user only took selfies of 4 statues, there are plenty of other well-known names featured at this museum. Including Socrates, Lysias, Thucydides, Adonis, and others.

You can visit the Crawford Art Gallery free of admission, any day they are open. Share your own museum statue selfies, you never know, your photos may go viral!

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