17 Green Designs Inspired By Nature


When you hear ‘going green,’ you might think of recycling or reusable grocery bags. But what about going green in other ways–like investing in a living, breathing table that grows grass? Pictured above, and below, the “Picnyc Table” brings the grassy picnic indoors. And while it might be hard to clean crumbs up out of the soil, you have to admit the idea is pretty cool.

Many designers are putting on their green thinking caps, aiming to bring the beauty of nature into the comforts associated with the indoors. The results are nothing short of awesome, in fact there are few things on this list I don’t want to buy for myself–if only my apartment had more room.

If you love scenic views, taking hikes, and the smell of fresh grass, the following green designs inspired by nature are sure to delight!


Grass Covered Walls 

This grass covered building was once known as Clare College Mission Church, one of the first churches ever built in London. After being left on the verge of decay, artists stepped in to renovate the church in a whole new way. They applied clay and grass seed, and provided water and natural day light, and slowly the walls came to life. What was left boarded up for dead, is now alive again at Dilston Grove.



Table With A Side Of Grass 

This table was made by designer Emily Wettstein as an attempt to bring us closer to our food when we come around the table. The table was originally designed as a part of Wettstein’s portfolio in graduate school.

You can grow some wheat grass for your smoothies, but if you have cats they won’t keep their paws off of it!



A Place To Put Your Umbrella 

A natural space to stash your umbrella, plus some of the rain water can drip down and water the grass below!



The Living Building 

What about an entire living wall? This very green building was designed by Jean Nouvel, while the “living” parts of the building were designed by Clement and Blanc, back in 2006.



The Growing Desk 

Did you remember to water your desk today?


Interactive Storm Cloud 

This cloud lamp lights up with the force of a storm, it also synchs with bluetooth and can light up your next party. Read more about the interactive storm cloud.   



Meet The Pot Heads

Good!, a Kazakhstan-based ad agency is responsible for this funny idea, giving humans really natural hair. On their website it reads, “The trick is that we liked that flower pot and a person’s face have a similar shape, which contributes to their visual association, the effect is complete and pretty funny.”



The Garden Bed 

A whole new meaning to ‘garden bed,’ go ahead and sleep outside tonight!


Grass Bath Mat 

Wipe your wet feet off on this grass bath mat, just be careful not to dig your toes in too deep, otherwise you’ll get ‘soiled’ up again!



The Natural Way To Lock Up Your Bike 

You can keep people from stealing your bike with this cable wire chain that perfectly mimics ivy. It might look easy to break into, but it packs the same force as most other bike wires.



Living Jewelry 

“One moment, let me grab some herbs from my necklace!” Depending on what you’ve got growing in there, this living necklace could also be a natural way to wear fragrance! And without the toxic properties of modern day perfumes.


Multi-Purpose Light



All In One: Planter + Aquarium 


The Mushrooms Light The Way



Flip Flops Made For Growing 


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