Danish Artist Creates Impressive Giant Sculptures From Scrap Wood


Some people struggle to make a table and chairs out of scrap wood, let alone a highly detailed giant animal or human. Artist and designer Thomas Dambo has perfected the skill of transforming tossed out wood into life-like sculptures you can’t stop gawking at.

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Dambo spends his days finding scrap wood, recycled materials and other trash at local city dumpsters. He then uses these otherwise unwanted materials to create an assortment of jaw-dropping art that delight both children and adults.

Dambo has worked on countless projects, from furniture and interior design to larger than life projects, like his giant sculptures. Proving there’s nothing this talented artist can’t do. His giant sculptures made from wood are among my absolute favorite, although his other work serves up some steep competition. Let’s just say every piece of trash he touches turns to the art form of gold!

He writes on Bored Panda, “I truly love working with scrap wood. There’s so much of it everywhere so I can pretty much build what ever I can imagine. I hope my sculptures will inspire others to recycle.”

I-create-giant-sculptures-from-scrap-wood-2__880Dambo often creates not just art but unique recycled inventions that offer new ways for eco-friendly individuals to enjoy life. For instance, he created a Picnic Bike that was given away as a prize for the TV show “Vores Genbrugshjem” or Our Recycled Home. The bike is fully functional and comes with a portable picnic including a little kitchen and space to store a blanket and everything else you need for the perfect picnic.

Screen-Shot-2015-06-25-at-03.20.38__880I-create-giant-sculptures-from-scrap-wood-3__880A giant with a swing… what more could kids wants?!

11053499_907035809361177_7886880784223621961_o-1__880You are what you eat… and this giant wood sculpture is hungry for more wood!

I-create-giant-sculptures-from-scrap-wood-__880The people sitting on the legs of this giant sculpture prove just how big Dambo’s creations truly are.

giant-scrap-wood-sculptures-thomas-dambo-5IMG_13631__880IMG_0548__880Check out Dambo’s website to see more of his amazing work, and don’t forget to give his Facebook page a like!

I-create-giant-sculptures-from-scrap-wood-1__880Photo Credits: thomasdambo.comFacebook

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