Giant Birdnest: Wooden Bed Filled With Soft Egg-Shaped Pillows


Want to feel as free as a bird? Perhaps taking regular naps in this bird nest will bring out your inner wings! This bird nest bed looks and feels like a nest, egg-shaped pillows included. The best part is you can relax here all day without the fear of an angry mama bird coming to peck you on the head and scare you away from her hard-earned nest.

Designers Gaston Zahr and Merav Salush from OGE creative group have crafted this perfect nest for humans. Who needs a traditional couch when you can have a big cozy nest to hang out in?! Check out this awesome nature-inspiried home design idea and get ready to go cuckoo-crazy.


On the official giantbirdsnest website, it says that this awesome invention was created to inspire, “socializing space: a fusion of furniture and playground: A comfortable informal and sensual soft space… It’s a powerful, yet simple concept and intriguing character needs no explanation or user manual. Ready to be used, ready for playing or working in. Simply jump in and enjoy.”

Not only does the Birdsnest look cool, but the egg pills are actually very comfortable and known to lure out some of your most creative inner ideas. The egg poofs are specially made to mold to your body for extra comfort and support.

The entire bed/couch can be fit to your custom personalization. Some people prefer to keep it natural with all white eggs, while others prefer to splash a little color into their decor with pretty colored egg patterns.


Every Birdsnest is formed from 2 separate elements, the wooden nest and the lovely egg-poof pillows. The wooden nest is made from multiple wood panels and includes a slanted foam-padded inside coated with cotton-lycra for extra comfort. You can even customize the color wood stain you’d like applied to your nest. You have your pick from a number of wood finishing including black, cream, walnut, teak, cherry, oak, maple, and venga.

Wondering how you’ll keep this birdsnest clean and sterile? Each egg is covered in a zip sleeve that can easily be removed and washed for easy cleaning in the washing machine. And if you plan to invite 16 people into your Birdsnest you’ll be mighty glad you can wash your egg-poof pillows!


The pinewood border is shaped perfectly like a nest, and the egg-pillows are fashioned out of multi colored fabrics that are simply beautiful! Reminds me of Easter everyday of the year. Depending on how big of a nest you need for your domain, there are 4 different sizes to choose from. The smallest nest is fit for one human, and the biggest is party size,  fit for up to 16 of your favorite bird-crazy friends!

Wondering how much this awesome creation will cost you?

The smallest type A Birdsnest is listed for sale around $3,382 US Dollars and comes with 5 pillow eggs.

The second type B (the most popular model) is around $4,509 US dollars and comes with 8 pillow eggs.

Type C Birdsnest sells for $6,013 US dollars and comes with 13 pillow eggs.

Lastly, the largest party size nest will cost you around $9,896 US dollars and comes with a total of 23 egg pillows.

With so many pillows you might want some diversity, luckily you can customize your pillows individually for a finished product you truly love.


No matter where you live you can order a Nest and have it delivered to your home from the EU. This awesome addition to any home arrives in wooden crates that must be handled with care. The process of removing and assembling the pieces at home should take about 30-40 minutes.


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