Ghostly Shadow Appears in Photo Taken at Malahide Castle in Ireland

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Malahide Castle was both a fortress and a private home for nearly 800 years. It’s one of Ireland’s oldest, most historic, and most haunted castles. The castle is known to have many different spirits, with a presence felt in every room. While many historic castles and houses have one ghost, and some have two or three, Malahide Castle is said to have five.

One such spirit was a jester by the name of Puck. Back in the 16th century, Puck fell in love with a kinswoman, Lady Elenora Fitzgerald, who was detained at the Castle by Henry VIII due to her rebel tendencies. On a snowy December night the jester was found near the castle walls. Believed to be an intruder, the little man was stabbed through the heart, a tragic figure in his suit, cap and bells.

Before Puck died, he swore an oath that he would haunt the castle until a master reigned who would choose a bride from the people. As that never happened, after all these years, his presence is still said to be at Malahide.

Recently, one unsuspecting tourist, Harmony Pinette from Washington State, who had heard the castle was haunted but was unaware of the specific stories, took a guided tour. She took photographs of the building’s magnificent interior, and, as the tour group left one room, she remained to capture an image of a rather stunning clock on the wall near the staircase.

As Harmony was looking at the photos later that evening, what she saw was rather shocking. It wasn’t the beautiful clock that stood out at all. Apparently, she’d not been alone. When she snapped the image, there on the wall, was a shadow of Puck, slowing making his way up the stairs.

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Photo Credit: Harmony Pinette via Facebook