Gardens That Will Blow Your Mind


Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

You might think if you’ve visited one garden, you’ve seen them all, but you’re likely to change your mind after seeing these. This particularly unique garden in Scotland, aptly named the Garden of Cosmic Speculation, looks like it was taken from an Alice in Wonderland scene. Instead of plants and exotic flowers, this hypnotizing landscape is filled with aluminum flower beds, fountains, unsual shapes and other elements that create unique patterns like fractals, black holes and other optical illusions.

The Lost Gardens of Heligan, England

Lost Gardens

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

 After falling into despair after World War 1, the Lost Gardens of Heligan in Cornwall, England have since been restored to their original glory, hosting a number of legendary mud sculptures that are covered with greenery, looking as if they are a part of the landscape, including the beautiful Sleeping Mud Maid and the Giant Head, pictured below.


Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Monsters Garden, Italy

Monsters Garden

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

 The Park of Bomarzo in Italy was established in 1552, and is home to Monsters Garden, a collection of fantasy rock carvings, gothic displays and surreal stone statues.

Wang Saen Suk Hell Garden, Thailand

Wang Saen Suk Hell Garden

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

This rather bizarre sculpture garden greets visitors with a sign that reads: “Welcome to Hell.” The garden depicts, in rather gory detail, the type of punishments that might be in store for those that misbehave, including things like impaling, disemboweling and transfiguration.

Butchart Gardens, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada


Photo Credit: 234943522

Butchart Gardens is mind-blowing simply because it’s one of the most brilliantly stunning gardens on earth.