19 Funny Collar Tags For Pets Who Like To Roam The Neighborhood


Collar tags help keep pets from getting lost every single day. The first thing people do when they find a lost pet is check their collar to see where they live and what their name is. The standard tag stating your pet’s name, address and phone number works just fine but can be quite a snore. These hilariously personalized pet tags are so much better; they get the job done and make the person who happens to find your adventurous pet laugh.

Microchips are an added bonus, just in case your pet falls into the wrong hands or isn’t found by a kind stranger willing to take him or her home. Regardless if your pet is micro chipped or not, chances are you’re going to want one of these funny collar tags personalized to your favorite furry free spirit.

1. You’ve Been Warned

funny-collar-tags-8__605Photo Credit: etsy.com

2. Truth Be Told…

funny-collar-tags-110__605Photo Credit: Unknown

3. I’m Not Lost, Just Pretending The Park Is My Yard

funny-collar-tags-5__605Photo Credit: Swaqqalicious

4. Please Call My Dad

funny-collar-tags-29__605Photo Credit: imgur.com 

5. Have Your People Call My People

funny-collar-tags-18__605Photo Credit: AliceWr

6. When Rumpole Started Escaping On The Reg He Got A New Collar Tag

funny-collar-tags-13__605Photo Credit: imgur.com

7. Even Assholes Have A Mother That Loves Them

funny-collar-tags-31__605Photo Credit: Megan Yelekli

8. I Don’t Know What’s Better… The Tag Or The Cat’s Name… Leo DeCATprio

funny-collar-tags-20__605Photo Credit: littlemissunshinee

9. Don’t Even Think About It… I’m Not Lost

funny-collar-tags-14__605Photo Credit: nerdburg 

10. “We Moved, So I Had To Get The Dog And Cat New Name Tags”

funny-collar-tags-27__605Photo Credit: scnavi

11. #HELP

funny-collar-tags-4__605Photo Credit: TheEvilBot

12. One Way To Scare Anyone That Finds Your Pet

tag__605Photo Credit: Angelina Paez

13. Hello Neighbor… I Think I Found Your Pussy… Cat

funny-collar-tags-1__605Photo Credit: DogWhispererFrmHell


funny-collar-tags-21__605Photo Credit: kisswithafist

15. I Need This Collar… For Myself

funny-collar-tags-33__605Photo Credit: Etsy

16. The Adventurous Cat With An Email Address

funny-collar-tags-16__605Photo Credit: Unknown

17. Lost Or Not, Zero Woofs Given

funny-collar-tags-331__605Photo Credit: etsy.com

18. Real Life For Dogs

funny-collar-tags-9__605Photo Credit: etsy.com

19. If You Find Me You’ll Love Me, But Please Take Me Back Home

funny-collar-tags-19__605Photo Credit: peptotums

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