Small But Mighty French Bulldog Chases Two Bears From Home In California


French bulldogs are not the toughest dogs on the block; they don’t run too fast, easily get winded and typically prefer belly rubs to physical activity. That didn’t stop one California French bulldog from chasing away not one but TWO bears that intruded on her family’s property.

The Hernandez family recently added surveillance cameras to their Los Angeles area home due to bears that have been causing damage around the property. Thanks to the new cameras, video footage captured the 20-pound French bulldog chasing off two bears.

Jewels’ owners couldn’t believe their eyes. As it turns out the little dog is far braver than they ever knew. David Hernandez told WSBT-TV, “It blew me away. I couldn’t believe it that she turned into a wolverine.”

The foothills above the Hernandez’s Monrovia home is full of bears, bobcats, mountain lions, coyotes and deer, some of which occasionally wander into the surrounding residential areas. These two bears ventured out of the forest on the wrong day, as Jewels was outside guarding her home.


The French bulldog chases the bears up and down the porch steps until the intruders finally hop over the gate and get out of there. The bears were much bigger than Jewels; one is estimated to weigh around 100 pounds.

You can actually see Jewels jump right at one of the bears, and the bear leaps up and back in reaction. Jewels may be small but she is mighty!


Jewels was well-rewarded for her brave actions with a bath and plenty of doggy treats.

Watch the video footage here:

Photo Credits: WSBT-TV

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