Stunning Wild Fox Photography By Roeselien Raimond


A talented Dutch nature photographer, Roeselien Raimond,

takes stunning photos of several types of creatures and wildlife.

However, her photos of wild foxes are particularly fantastic,

Raimond managing to capture the many personalities and behaviors of the beautiful animals.

All of Raimond’s fox photographs are captured in the wild,

leading to amazing shots of the creatures’ natural characteristics.foxes-roeselien-raimond-5

While she initially became hooked on capturing wildlife because of the “challenge of ‘the hunt’”, Raimond also has a special love for the furry woodland animals.foxes-roeselien-raimond-2

Foxes are one of her favorite creatures, stating herself, “Foxes, along with cats, are my favorite animals. Their depth and uniqueness appeal to me: Every fox is an individual character.foxes-roeselien-raimond-3

Some are very elusive, while others can be quite cheeky. Some are very spontaneous and playful and some are just plain boring.”




As cute as foxes may be, they can be challenging subjects to photograph with relatively unpredictable behaviors. One can never be quite sure what state or pose they’ll be in, Raimond explaining that, “The one thing [foxes] all have in common is their unpredictability: With a fox, you never know what they are up to. Will they be hunting, sleeping, swimming… will they even be there at all?




But, apparently, that unpredictability is part of what keeps Raimond going. The challenges that foxes present spurs her to continuously immerse herself in their captivating behaviors.



While foxes are often thought to be nocturnal and shy, Raimond clarifies that many of those types of tendencies have been influenced by humans. They don’t exhibit the behaviors naturally, but because “we gave them a reason to…by hunting them.”


When foxes live in an area where they’re not hunted, they become more diurnal and some will be more affectionate towards humans. “In the area I’m visiting, hunting isn’t allowed and dogs, cyclists and cars are prohibited,” Raimond says. “Thus, there is no threat for them at all and some foxes lose their elusiveness.”



Despite the friendlier than average foxes, Raimond affirms that she’s still invested in obtaining as natural of shots as possible: “I’m interested in witnessing and capturing natural behaviour. Therefore, I need to make myself almost ‘invisible’ and a completely uninteresting part of the environment, waiting and hoping to witness that special fox moment.”



For aspiring professional photographers, she explains that creating a full time job out of wildlife photography is very difficult, saying, “It’s hard – if not impossible- to make a living out of nature photography.” She adds, “My photos are sold as stock and fine art and are published in many international magazines, but nowadays photographers need to be really creative to generate money from their photographs. Giving workshops (photography or post processing) is a more remunerative and reliable way to earn some money.”



Yet, regardless of any difficulties, Raimond perseveres and honors her passion for photography, explaining that, “creativity, nature and people” have always been the most important components of her life.



As long as I can be creative, feel the grass under my feet and smell the fresh air and preferably share this with some pleasant company, I’m fine.”