Relax Your Cares Away in This Floating Hammock Bathtub

floating hammock tub

Photo Credit: Vessel

Can you imagine soaking your cares away while suspended in midair? This amazing floating hammock bathtub by Splinter Works offers the ultimate in relaxation.

The massive, deluxe hammock-style bathtub is a unique take on the standard modern bathtub with a design resembling the imagery of a hammock.

Fashioned of shiny black carbon fiber, due to the materials’ strength and ability to form complex curves, it looks like something from Neo’s bathroom in “The Matrix.” Climb in and you’ll be floating in another world. Floating off of the ground, “Vessel,” as its named, is attached to the walls by two stainless steel brackets that can be covered or left bare and is filled by a sleek floor standing tap.

floating hammock

As for drainage, there is a a built in water release at the base of the design, though a down pipe drain can also be installed if needed. Measuring nearly 9-feet in length, this sculptural tub also comes in a variety of colors such as red, blue, yellow, pink, bronze and pure silver, as well as different custom sizes to best suit the buyer’s personal preferences.

floating hammock2

floating hammock3
The peaceful experience of relaxing in a hammock has been further enhanced by combining it with the immersive comfort of soaking in a hot bath,” writes Splinter Works, a design house specializing in limited-edition “sculptural furniture.”

“By literally elevating the experience of bathing into a suspended sculpture the bathroom has been reinvented as a contemplative sanctuary for artful relaxation.”