Rescue Kitten Adopted By Five Ferrets Now Thinks She’s A Ferret Too!


Komari the kitten was found abandoned at only 5-months-old, lucky for her there was a family excited to take her in as one of their own. The only odd part was the family already has five—yes five—male pet ferrets. How would a kitten and gaggle of close-knit ferrets get along? Turns out better than anyone ever expected!

Komari’s new family nursed her back to health with proper care and plenty of love, and the five ferrets were there to help their adopted sister every step of the way. In fact, the five ferrets fell in love with Komari from day one, and it didn’t take long before she started to act like her adoptive brothers. Today, the adorable kitten literally thinks she’s a ferret, and she loves every second of it—so do we!

Komari was found at only 5-months old.


Her adoptive family included five pet ferrets…


As it turned out, the kitten and ferrets make the very best of friends!


If you can’t beat them join them… now Komari thinks she’s a ferret too!


Sometimes you can hardly even tell them apart


No one told Komari that cats typically hate water. If the ferrets like it, she likes it too.


The ferrets just think she’s part of the pack… albeit a bit bigger than the rest.

rescue-kitten-komari-ferret-brothers-63rescue-kitten-komari-ferret-brothers-62Photo Credits: Twitter

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