First-World Anarchists Who Don’t Care About Your Rules


Are you the rebellious type? Do you like to bend the rules, disregard the writing in fine print? A rebel lives in all of us–dogs, cats, and trees included. All living creatures have a rebellious side, although in some it’s much more pronounced than in others.

Growing up, no one wants to play with the ‘bossy’ kid, and as you get older this doesn’t change. That’s because bossy people, signs, and establishments are irritating and often described as “fun-suckers”. The fastest way to get someone to ignore you is to be bossy–after all, who likes to be told what to do unnecessarily? No one! Especially when the rules or demands seem downright silly or pointless.

And so the rebel is born. There’s a difference between a scary rebel, someone who defies the rules put into place to keep everyone safe, and a hilarious rebel, one that likes to ignore the silly rules, the ones we all wonder about but often mind regardless.

Sometimes we become so busy following all of the rules (posted in parks, subways, classrooms, and practically everywhere you look) that we get mindless about them. Not realizing just how funny they are–for example, why would a sign tell you not to even THINK about parking somewhere?

While the following people, pets, and trees are not necessarily real anarchists (someone who wants the government overthrown), they do have a rebellious side. The following pictures highlight some of the funniest rebels you’ve ever seen, ready to disobey the posted rules in exchange for a good laugh, or maybe just a much-needed nap!


This little cutie isn’t going to let anyone call her a dog, or tell her where she is allowed to hang out. Not only is she unafraid to rebel, but she also sticks her tongue out to anyone else that wants to try and enforce silly rules that discriminate against dogs. 


The guy in the green shirt is at it again! Sir, can you not you read!?! The sign clearly says no headless people are allowed to climb on this fence! 


This tree is one independent hunk of wood–she’s not going to let any man-made confines restrict her curve appeal. 


Before you assume this book doesn’t work, look a little a closer. The man eating his sandwich is only in the middle of learning how to NEVER eat lunch alone again.


This dad says “yeah right” to the sign instructing all fathers against hand-holding with their small children. 


This cute pug thought climbing atop this sign would be a funny trick–until he got stuck. 


Unfortunately, the sign doesn’t specify what kind of balls…


Goats are about as rebellious as they come, especially when it comes to climbing places they shouldn’t. There’s a rumor this goat posted the “no climbing on rocks” sign, just so he could have the rocks all to himself.


Grandma is going to take her afternoon nap wherever the hell she damn pleases, thank you very much!


No one told this diver there wouldn’t be any fish at the bottom–or anything other than tiles. 


You say look right, and this rebel looks left.


Some locals joke that this bright yellow sign is actually what distracted the driver of the SUV. 


This roadside sign is even more confusing– do they have a problem in the area with people standing on their roofs and trying to drive at the same time?! 


This dog is a smart rule breaker, she knows she can get away with anything–after all dogs can’t read. Or at least that’s what they want us to think 😉 


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