At 101-Years-Old Japan’s First Female Photojournalist Is Still Shooting, Find Out Her Secret


Born September 1st 1914, Tsuneko Sasamoto would grow up to become the first female photojournalist in Japan. Today she is still taking pictures and is one of the oldest photographers in the whole world over.

In the last year she broke her hand and both legs, but not even broken bones can stop her from doing what she loves. Even while undergoing physical therapy for her injuries Sasamoto is busy photographing flowers for a project called “Hana Akair” or “Flower Glow.” The project is a tribute to one of her friends that passed away.

Sasamoto began her career as a photographer when she was 25-years-old. She gained a lot of attention for photographing pre- and post-war Japan. According to Zaikeinews Ms. Sasamoto’s inborn curiosity is what fuels her passion. Sasamoto said, “Pretty scared but curious, don’t like it but want to see it. I feel compelled to face the world and let people know what I see, just want to have the pictures taken…”

So what is her secret to becoming one of the first female photojournalists in Japan as well as remaining a photographer so many years later? Sasamoto says, “It’s essential to remain positive about your life and never give up.”

first-woman-photographer-japan-tsuneko-sasamoto-10Photo Credit: 90thsite

Another secret to live by: “You should never become lazy. You need to push yourself and stay aware, so you can move forward.”

first-woman-photographer-japan-tsuneko-sasamoto-9Photo Credit: 90thsite

first-woman-photographer-japan-tsuneko-sasamoto-11Photo Credit: 90thsite

Soho Tokutomi, 1967

first-woman-photographer-japan-tsuneko-sasamoto-5Photo Credit: Tsuneko Sasamoto

One of Sasamoto’s photos from 1953, a dome in Hiroshima post-bombing

first-woman-photographer-japan-tsuneko-sasamoto-4Photo Credit: Tsuneko Sasamoto

Geisha School, 1951

first-woman-photographer-japan-tsuneko-sasamoto-3Photo Credit: Tsuneko Sasamoto

Antarctic Ship Soya, 1956

Photo Credit: Tsuneko Sasamoto

The Politician Inejiro Asanuma, 1955

Photo Credit: Tsuneko Sasamoto

Not only is she great behind the camera, but the stylish photographer looks great in front of the camera as well.

first-woman-photographer-japan-tsuneko-sasamoto-1first-woman-photographer-japan-tsuneko-sasamoto-7Photo Credit: Satoko Kawasaki

Just before Sasamoto turned 100-years-old she was filmed giving an interview to NHK World:

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