Father Takes Heartwarming Photos Of His Children And Their Animals In Rustic Village In Poland


Sebastian Luczywo is a business adviser with a little trick up his sleeve, he is also an amazing photographer. Capable of more than just getting behind the lens, Sebastian uses creativity to stage the most wild, yet heartwarming, shots. His small village in Poland provides the perfect backdrop for his photographs, which star his two sons, 8-year-old Jackek and 11-year-old Krzysztof, alongside their mother and his wife, 35-year-old Agnieszka. Sebastian also dedicates camera time to the family’s many pets including dogs, a cat, and even a guinea pig.

Besides his sweet-looking family, Sebastian also relays on his rural surroundings to give his pictures that extra special charm. Each of his photographs contains a rustic feel that shows off country life, but in very small snippets. What’s going on in the image doesn’t have to be related to “country life” in general, but instead, it’s the little details sprinkled throughout that highlight a homey, country feel.

Check out some of Sebastian’s amazing photography work here, it will truly warm your heart like a homemade apple pie and fireworks.


Sebastian and his family have 3 puppies roaming about, their names are Cola, Grubcia, and Kropka. The two large dogs in the family are Lord and Roka.


What inspires Sebastian’s best work? He admits it all has to do with the lighting and music. Even though many of his photos are black and white they still come down to the lighting because the lighting impacts how the final image looks. Lighting sets the “climate” for a photo, according to Sebastian.


A bath outside in a rubber container–how much more back country does it get? While many of us enjoy a warm and private soak in a bubbly marble bathtub, this image (above) still easily provokes a carefree joy.


Sebastian is also a big fan of the animals, in his own words, “I love my animals they are very important to me…I have two large dogs, and three puppies. They are best friends, unselfish, and extremely dedicated. All the dogs live under one roof with a cat and a guinea pig.”


To capture his amazing images, Sebastian uses a Nikon D700 with lenses Nikkor 24 f 2.8 and Nikkor 70-200 f 4. He doesn’t use any major photoshop programs to change or enhance his pictures. Instead he likes to keep it simple and natural, using only small changes like black and white or other basic filters.


Sebastian is lucky that his entire family partakes in the fun, someday in the future, looking back on all of these photos, the kids will feel so blessed!



In one way or another, Sebastian always works to incorporate nature into his photos.



This is the nicest dog house I have ever seen–but I’m curious to know, is that a real rooster clucking on the wall-art chair?




While Sebastian is a business adviser with a degree in economics, he isn’t all math problems and straight-faced solutions. In an interview with the site Bored Panda, Sebastian admitted, “I am a sensitive man, I carefully watch the world. I really like to watch people’s behavior, because each person is different and has something special.”


Sebastian clearly has a great sense of humor. Occasionally he inserts his own person into a photo, showing off that even number-driven business men know how to have a great laugh!


Sebastian believes that the secret to great photography has to do with the passion behind the lens. If you really want to create something magical through photography, you must take the time to study people, how they act, and who they are. Without careful observation, there is no sensitivity or heart, which takes away the beauty of a photo.

As Sebastian says, “If a man wants to do something good, he has to put his soul into it.” And with his family taking center stage, Sebastian puts his soul into his photos in more ways than one.


Photo Credits: Sebastian Luczywo