Father Films 2-Year-Old Daughter Taking Their Horse Named “Cinnamon” Out For A Walk


This little girl is going to be a champion equestrian someday, and she’s getting a rather early start at it! At only 2-years old, adorable Emma was filmed by her father while taking their sweet chestnut horse out for a walk through the snow.

Of course I am going to think this video is amazing, I have 2 horses of my own, started riding when I was only 7, and begged for a horse from the time I could talk. BUT this video is so cute you don’t have to be a horse fanatic to cheer for Emma and Cinnamon.

Emma is now 4-years-old, as the video at the bottom of the post was taken back in winter of 2010. It wasn’t until March of this year that Dunn actually uploaded the video.


When Dunn posted the video to Facebook he captioned it, “These two had and still have a special bond. Cinnamon Girl LOVES her Emma.” The reaction took the family by surprise; the video has been shared countless times through YouTube and social media, proving there is nothing cuter than a little girl and her sweet horse.


It’s the little things in life that can melt your heart, and as any horse owner knows walking your horse by the reins is considered a “little” everyday thing. Seeing this cute fearless Princess taking her horse for a walk makes this everyday task a whole lot cuter!

Not just any horse would be comfortable being led by a small child, and not just any kid would be comfortable leading a great big horse. Even when Emma drops the reins, Cinnamon waits for her to collect them back up.



I had to wait until the age of 7 to start riding, that was the key age to enroll for lessons at all of the local stables. But I didn’t have an insider connection like Emma. Neither of my parents is interested in horses, in fact they are borderline afraid of horses. Emma was able to get such an early start in the equestrian world because her father is Justin Dunn, a professional horse trainer.

Justin Dunn is a horse enthusiast who has taken his passion and made it his profession, offering training to both people and their horses, helping solid relationships form on both ends. As you can see, he is already teaching his little girl a thing or two about making friends with the horses.


Justin Dunn Horsemanship also manages Nighthawk Ranch Riding Camp, which is dedicated to children that have or are recovering from cancer. This ranch is full of good deeds, he also rescues, adopts, and trains wild Mustangs which are then used in the equine therapy program. The fact he can take a wild horse and make it into a therapy horse is testament to his amazing skills.

It might sound bad to take wild horses out of their natural habitat, but in all truth wild horses are not fairing so well these days. Many suffer from a lack of food and other resources, and under knowledgeable care and the right conditions stable horses can be incredibly happy and healthy.

Emma doesn’t just walk the horses around by hand, she has also started riding. Look at that cute cowgirl go!


Emma is one lucky little girl! She has a dad ready and willing to teach her all about horses, and she is happy to learn all that she can. Not only are her and Cinnamon still the best of friends, but Emma keeps busy on her family’s Colorado ranch playing with plenty of other horses too. Including her newest pony pictured below.


View the full video of Emma hand-walking Cinnamon when she was only 2-years-old:

Photo Credits: Facebook, YouTube