Artist Uses Fallen Autumn Leaves as Canvases for Beautiful Paintings

paintings leaves

Photo Credit: Joanna Wirazka

Polish artist Joanna Wirazka takes advantage of the fall season to inspire her spectacular paintings. She uses fallen autumn leaves as canvases for gorgeous paintings. When leaves begin to fall, she collects them and uses them as a unique canvas for her works of art.

Using the leaves as a natural landscape, Wirazka draws amazing landscapes with colored pencils to accentuate the already stunning beauty of Mother Nature.


Sometimes, the self-taught artists depicts urban environments. She’s painted major cities from around the world like London and New York, focusing on¬†everything from the light emanating from skyscrapers to the street signs that dot the nearly endless avenues of their respective cityscapes.

You’ve got to have a very delicate touch to create such works of art on leaves without breaking them in tiny pieces.



Wirazka says that art makes the world better and more beautiful, also noting, “Try to find real art everywhere and let it inspire you.”