Extraordinary Vacation Home In Australia Clings To Cliff For Dear Life


Can you imagine waking up in this vacation home overhanging the ocean waters of Australia?! My stomach drops a little just thinking about looking out from that view on the top floor. In order to get inside of the home, you have to drive into the carport, which lowers down mechanically onto the top of the structure. From here, you can enter the house from the roof.

Even without any useable flat land, the designers of this cliffhanger created a hearty 5-story home off the southwest coast of Victoria. A company called Modscape Concept stands as the brains behind the concept building, designed to be an actual extension of the cliff, as opposed to being built atop the cliff. This gives people a completely different perspective on an oceanfront property.

Hopefully one day soon this house will be available for sale, but as of right now it is only a concept house.


Modscape Concept creates all of their prefab homes and commercial buildings using a steel frame surrounded by insulated panels, making their structures just as sound and comfortable as any home built directly into the ground. No matter what size or style home that you want, Modscape says they are able to create it off-site.

The best part is that all Modscape buildings are made with sustainability in mind. The companies’  unique process involves less waste and materials that harm our environment. If we don’t change the way we do things we will exhaust our planet’s fragile resources. Sustainable homes are better for the environment, meaning they are ultimately better for us.

These homes are made with sustainable methods and materials, but they are still every-bit luxurious. And not just because the windows overlook the most amazing view ever! This couch surrounded by windows looks like the perfect place to unwind.


If this cliff-side house becomes a possibility, you could order it and have it delivered in a very short time to your selected cliff site. All Modscape homes are built inside of a warehouse located in Brooklyn.

In tune with this amazing cliff-side home, the company has created some other truly amazing buildings for both residential and corporate purposes. In fact, the Melbourne Zoo operates out of one of their portable buildings!

Each floor is like its own room within the house, and the simple, elegant decor makes the compact square footage feel larger.


Someday this pre-fabricated module could very well be a real vacation home available for rent. Unfortunately, it’s not open for renters (or buyers) at the moment. Many things must be taken into consideration before people can call this cliffhanger home, even if only for a few nights at a time. Likely considerations include the impact on the environment and surrounding marine life, the stability of the home, and other associated factors.

While this is still just a concept house, the company creates many other cool homes you can buy today. Each one can be built within only 12 weeks! Are you curious how much a house like this cost?

A 3-bedroom with all of the amenities, including bamboo flooring, one carport, built-in-BBQ, solar hot water and more is $556,000. As for this incredible cliff-side beach house, the actual listing price is not available because it is still just a concept home, my guess is as good as yours!


It’s an idea so modern it hasn’t even been approached as a possibility until now, but checking out this house makes me hope it becomes a reality soon! If it does, I know where I will be booking my next vacation!


Image Credits: modscape.com.au