Everyone’s Talking About This Cat Lately. When You See These Photos, You’ll Totally Understand.


There are plenty of cool cats around the internet,

but many don’t even come close to as neat as this one is.

This cute little Japanese fur ball

has managed to master the art of looking carefree and happy 24/7,

despite what place or position he’s put in.

He’s definitely one of a kind!

Meet Shironeko, an internet-famous feline whose name means “white cat” in Japanese.

He’s also known as “basket cat”, for his tendency to be photographed and filmed while relaxing in baskets, and “zen cat”, because of the unique expression constantly placed on his face.zen-cat

Shironeko is a Turkish van cat around 8 years old, and photos of him surfaced on the internet around 2006.

He was an instant sensation and quickly built a huge fan base who just can’t seem to get enough of the cutie, and it’s not surprising why. Just look at that face!zen-cat2

He’s known as being one of the most laid back cats around (which is saying a lot considering that some cats can sleep up to 20 hours a day) and always has a happy expression on his face.zen-cat3

It doesn’t matter what he’s doing, he constantly looks content and relaxed. In addition to his laid back, “zen” attitude and unwavering tolerance to be put in into basically any position, Shironeko is so popular because of his very unique features that you don’t see on many cats.zen-cat4

He has upturned lips, puffy white chicks, and tightly closed eyes that make him look as happy as ever.

And talk about photogenic! It doesn’t matter what Shironeko’s doing, he always has that adorable expression on his face. This is rather surprising too, considering some of the shots his owner’s got of him.zen-cat5

There’s photos of him with his arms wrapped around a flower and with an orange balanced on is head, things most cats I’ve met wouldn’t stand for, at least not for than half a second. But he doesn’t seem to mind at all. He just keeps that same happy and calm expression on his face, making him the most zen cat around.zen-cat6

And sure, he may just be a cat, but everyone can take something away and learn from Shironeko’s great attitude. He always seems so content and relaxed, and finds happiness everyone where he looks.zen-cat9

It doesn’t matter where he is or what he’s doing, whether it be sleeping in a basket, laying on a pile of carrots, or balancing an object on his head, he always a smile on his face. Some of us might be able to find more happiness too if we just found something to smile about more often.

If you just can’t get enough of Shironeko’s adorable pictures (trust me, I wouldn’t blame you), you can also take a peek at his videos here on his YouTube channel.

You can view plenty of his relaxing moments in all sorts of positions and impressive balancing acts with household objects, many with the other cute cats in the household.zen-cat8