Everyday Super Hero: Anonymous Spiderman Feeds Homeless At Night


Anonymous Spider-Man feeds homeless… but who is the “Birmingham Spider-Man?”

You don’t have to be born with the ability to fly in order to be a superhero. Birmingham, UK has their very own superhero running the streets at night fighting for the good of all mankind.

While the man behind the magic prefers to remain anonymous, the 20-year-old works as a bartender during the day before changing into his Spiderman costume and feeding the homeless at night.

Wearing a blue and red Spiderman suit, the anonymous do-gooder delivers meals to people in need. Besides his age and occupation, little else is known about the man behind the Spider-Man costume.


The anonymous Spider-Man has been feeding the homeless in costume for a couple months, but he has been involved with volunteer work for many years. He found that wearing a superhero costume actually draws far more attention to his cause, prompting others to do more good.

In a message to the Huffington Post the inspirational superhero said, “Before when I was handing out food, no one would take a second look. But when they see Spider-Man handing out the food they come over and ask what I’m doing and are really interested. Most importantly [they] become inspired to get involved themselves.”


The man starts his night around 9 p.m. when he goes to the grocery store and purchases sandwiches with his own money. The real life superhero then finds a desolate alley to change into his Spider-Man suit before taking off into the night to deliver food to the homeless.


His actions and awesome costume have earned him a lot of attention in the last month, but this superhero isn’t looking for donations or personal attention. Instead, he simply urges people to go out and get involved themselves, helping those in need any way you can.

This activist is out doing real superhero things… like taking care of people that are largely ignored and forgotten. Seriously, what is more heroic than dedicating your personal time and money to helping others?

Spider-Man doesn’t just feed the homeless, he is kind to everyone he encounters and treats everyone with the respect they deserve.


As he goes about his night countless pedestrians, who are surprised to see Spider-Man out on the streets, stop him. Many make comments and ask for photos.

Spider-Man isn’t too cool to oblige, in fact this warm-hearted man is generous and kind to everyone he encounters, homeless or not. He just asks that anyone who posts his picture to social media use the hashtag: #feedthehomeless.


The need for super heroes is great, especially in Birmingham where there is the greatest number of homeless people in all of England.


This man’s mission has led him to meet all types of awesome people, but he doesn’t care about the fame, he just wants to raise awareness for his cause of helping the homeless.

He has even gotten help from other local superheroes, like Batman and Robin.


In a world gone mad for fame, success and designer goods we need more good people like this to remind mankind what is really important, helping your fellow neighbor in need.


Bartenders don’t bring home 6-figure salaries; this young man works hard and uses his own hard-earned money for good, making personal sacrifices in order to do so.

As the anonymous Spider-Man told the Huffington Post, “I’ve learned that everyone is the same, we’re all part of the human experience and I … believe that we need to look at everyone as humans and help each other the same as we would a close friend.”


Follow along on an ordinary night of fighting for good around the city. Anonymous Spiderman feeds homeless in video below:

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