Every Week This Photographer Takes Pictures Of The 700+ Cats At The Largest No-Kill Cat Sanctuary In California


Talented photographer Jess Lessard spends her free time every week helping out at the local cat shelter in her community. While tending to cats, kittens, and sometimes puppies too, Lessard also takes photos of the animals to spread awareness about the sanctuary and the 700 cats currently available for adoption.

The Cat House on the Kings is located along the Kings River in Parlier, California. The 12-acre sanctuary offers a no-kill, no-cage, cat paradise to four-legged friends in need of a home. Since the Cat House opened its doors more than 23 years ago, they have successfully saved the lives of over 23,000 cats and 7,000 dogs. Fresno County needs a place for animals to live until they are adopted, as the other animal shelter in town euthanizes a shocking number of animals, around 65,000 every year.

The Main House

Lynea Lattanzio, the owner and founder of Cat House, once called this home her very own. Today, the cats have 100% taken over.


There are endless tress for climbing, tables for jumping, and chairs for shredding… everything your cat loves about your home, this sanctuary provides. Only at this house it’s the cats that are in charge, not the humans!

Lessard writes on Bored Panda, “For the human visitor, it is often a surreal experience, as cats rule at the CHOTK. They are literally everywhere you look and sit.”

Everywhere You Look A Cat Is Watching You

Lessard says that there is so many cats at the sanctuary that no matter where you look you will see a cat, and you often catch them starring right at you. She writes of this photo, “Despite the stare, this guy is super friendly.”


So Many Cats, So Little Cat Fights


It’s an undisputed fact (even amongst the biggest cat lovers) that cats can be catty, and as a result you might assume these felines have a number of ferocious fights on any given day. Think again, Lessard says that the cats all seem to get along amazingly well.

Pretty Green-Eyed Cat


“If you sit down, you will be immediately showered with love and attention.”

The Dogs Get Stalked Big Time Around Here

You can’t run and you can’t hide, the cats are in control and they are hanging out in every corner.


Catching Some Sun


Since the Cat House spans over 12 acres, there is plenty of room for the cats to roam, play and partake in the feline’s favorite sport: napping.

Many of the cats that live here will be adopted into a loving home someday, but others are permanent residents–and happily so! Older cats and cats with FIV have a place to call home forever, and that’s a truly rare thing.

The Poppy Burger Memorial Bench By The River

You can sit back and enjoy views of the Kings River from here, but there will most certainly be cats all over you if you try.


They Call This Beautiful Cat Sophia Loren


Curious Cats Watching You From All Angles…


The Art Around The Home Is Even Cat-Inspired


There Is A Special Adoption Room Set Up Just For The Kittens


There Is Even A Place For Formerly Feral Cats To Feel At Home


Lessard says that many of the feral cats start to change at the shelter, becoming extra friendly and loving.

So Many Cool Cats Available For Adoption!


The Cat House has helped saved thousands of cats and dogs, giving them an amazing life and a chance at a loving furever home.  The Cat House currently has upwards of 700 cats and kittens, a dozen dogs, and even a couple goats.

These Cats Eat A Lot Of Food!


The Cat House On the Kings is a nonprofit organization, supported entirely by donations and the kindnesss of others. For the love of cats (and dogs too!), help support this awesome sanctuary by visiting The Cat House on the Kings official website.

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Photo Credits: Facebookcathouseonthekings.com