Photoshop Genius Erik Johansson Shares Secrets Behind His Mind-Bending Pics


Erik Johansson’s photos look more like magic than a product of Photoshop leaving many people wondering how in the world he pulls it off.

Johansson combines carefully applied photo manipulations with some rather crafty tricks to make his pics a reality. To help the world better understand how he makes the impossible appear possible Johansson created these behind-the-scenes videos detailing some of his unique work processes from start to finish. No two pics start or end the same, meaning creativity rules supreme.

Johansson is a big fan of Photoshop but he also finds ways to blend the real world and imaginary world into one seamless ideal. In order to get the perfect final picture he must photograph an assortment of different elements in real life before blending these separate images together and layering them via Photoshop.

It’s not just about layering photos, Johansson also incorporates everyday objects like a roll of paper or plastic bottle, to complete his surreal artwork that baffles the eyes and gets the mind thinking. Each incredible photo below is explained in rapid detail via time-lapse videos. When you see how it’s really done you won’t believe it!

Cut And Fold


Drifting Away




Endless Stories




Closing Out


If you’re loving Erik Johansson’s mind-bending photos you have to visit his website to see more!

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