Your Heart Vs. Brain: Webcomic Highlights Hilarious Battle Between Our Emotions And Intellect


Which do you listen to more often your brain or your heart? Life is a constant battle between your emotions and intellect and it takes a healthy balance to keep your heart happy, bills paid and belly full. Nick Seluk, the artist behind the well-known Awkward Yeti webcomic, focuses on this battle in one of his latest comic series, Heart and Brain.

Your heart wants you to live life to the fullest, have a great time and dedicate your days to love. Your brain, on the other hand, wants you to get stuff done, plan everything out and always take the most rational path of action. Thankfully, there are ideal circumstances when the heart and brain both want the very same thing, colliding in the perfect balance of bliss and harmony.

If you love this fun-loving comic series you can buy the full comic book version on Amazon.

Work Vs. Fun

heart-and-brain-web-comic-awkward-yeti-nick-seluk-45__700I Can’t Adult Today, I Just Can’t!


Your Brain Wants Answers Your Emotions Crave Mystery

heart-and-brain-web-comic-awkward-yeti-nick-seluk-10__700The Shopping Cure

heart-and-brain-web-comic-awkward-yeti-nick-seluk-86__700Emotional Pain From The News

heart-and-brain-web-comic-awkward-yeti-nick-seluk-87__700Put It On Repeat


Alcohol = More Emotional Freedom

heart-and-brain-web-comic-awkward-yeti-nick-seluk-44__700Playing With Snow Vs. Shoveling Snow

heart-and-brain-web-comic-awkward-yeti-nick-seluk-67__700One Of Those Out Of Control Days

heart-and-brain-web-comic-awkward-yeti-nick-seluk-2__700Damn Free Shipping

heart-and-brain-web-comic-awkward-yeti-nick-seluk-76__700A Case Of Overreacting

heart-and-brain-web-comic-awkward-yeti-nick-seluk-140__700That’s Not What I Look Like!

heart-and-brain-web-comic-awkward-yeti-nick-seluk-94__700Do We Have To Get Stuff Done EVERY DAY?!

heart-and-brain-web-comic-awkward-yeti-nick-seluk-109__700Video Game Paradise

heart-and-brain-web-comic-awkward-yeti-nick-seluk-27__700But I’m Batman And I Know It

heart-and-brain-web-comic-awkward-yeti-nick-seluk-39__700The Secret To Happiness

heart-and-brain-web-comic-awkward-yeti-nick-seluk-23__700Oh The Joys Of Magic

heart-and-brain-web-comic-awkward-yeti-nick-seluk-141__700Don’t forget to buy the full Heart and Brain comic book on Amazon, available in print and kindle version.

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