Spectacular Electric Blue Flames Erupt From Indonesian Volcano

blue lava

Photo Credit: Olivier Grunewald

Lava, the molten rock expelled by a volcano, is usually described as a fiery flow of red, but this Indonesian volcano erupts spectacular electric blue flames.

Indonesia’s Kawah Ijen Volcano, glows with an almost otherworldly neon blue at night. The mountain contains large amounts of pure sulfur, which emits an icy violet color as it burns, turning the rocky slopes into a hot (at least 239 degrees Fahrenheit), highly toxic environment.

Despite the danger, photographers and others are lured to this breathtaking scene for a chance to capture it on film.

While on a trip to East Java in Indonesia this past July, Chicago-based photographer, music producer, and filmmaker Reuben Wu took some rather stunning images of the intensely blue molten sulphur gushing from fumaroles in the base of the Blue Fire Crater at the Kawah Ijen volcano. While this amazing natural phenomenon has occurred for a long time, in recent years, the crater has become a popular destination for tourists, who go on midnight hikes to get a glimpse of this unique event.

Wu says he waited for the tourists to leave so he could take these incredible shots of the alien landscape lit by the glow of cobalt-hued flames spewing forth like neon lava.

Called “Blue Fire” by locals, this dangerous site is the largest blue flame area in the world. Check out his spectacular images.

blue lava2

Photo Credit: Reuben Wu/behance.net

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