Dying Dog Rescued From The Streets Has Been Completely Transformed In Only Two Months


When this dying dog rescued from the streets of India was originally found he looked like a lost cause, as well as the saddest creature you’ve ever seen. The organization Animal Aid Unlimited came to the dog’s rescue just two-months ago in hopes of saving his life and making it worth living again.

When he was first found on the side of the road, the poor pup was starving, dehydrated, suffering from mange and had not experienced any human contact in a long time. A spokesperson for Animal Aid Unlimited said, “He was so exhausted and inward.”

As soon as the dog arrived at the rescue facility they hooked him up to an IV and began treating his many infections. It took 10 days for the dog’s skin to heal, at which point the real transformation began to take place.

The results of his transformation are unbelievable. To think this is the same dying dog rescued from the streets only two months before is not only shocking but also inspirational.

The dog was originally found sick and in great need of help on the side of the road in Udaipur, India.

mange-sick-dog-rescue-animal-aid-unlimited-gif-4Humans had not handled the sweet but skittish dog in a long time and so he was resistant to human touch at first.

mange-sick-dog-rescue-animal-aid-unlimited-gif-6The more that animal lovers at Animal Aid Unlimited worked with and cared for the dog the more he began to trust them.

mange-sick-dog-rescue-animal-aid-unlimited-gif-5Two months of intensive treatment and lots of loving care this dog is healed and happy.

mange-sick-dog-rescue-animal-aid-unlimited-gif-3He is now completely unrecognizable in every way

mange-sick-dog-rescue-animal-aid-unlimited-gif-7He went from sick and dying to a happy, healthy dog ready to take life by the tail!

mange-sick-dog-rescue-animal-aid-unlimited-2Learn how you can help Animal Aid Unlimited save more animals here.

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Photo Credit: animalaidunlimited.comFacebook

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