Revealing Photos Of Dogs Before And After Bath Time In ‘Dry Dog Wet Dog’ Photo Series


You may think your dog looks one way until you see him or her soaking wet after going for a swim or getting a bath. Then, suddenly, your massive dog shrinks down a bit and unnoticed features become far more pronounced.

It’s not just physical appearance that changes, dogs before and after bath time change in personality too. For instance, some dogs get way too hyper after having a bath, while others look emotionally devastated or straight up pissed.

Award-wining animal photographer Serenah Hodson noticed all of these changes taking place when she bathed her own dogs. As a result, she decided to create a photo series she calls Dry Dog Wet Dog, featuring adorable dogs before and after bath time.

Her photo series is a definite success. The photos below highlight just how adorably different dogs look after being submerged in water.


Hodson writes on her Facebook page, “I decided to create a series of the different looks and not only personalities but the difference in look from groomed to wet. We get such great texture on the dog when the hair is wet. Some dogs look completely different when wet and this was the joy I wanted to capture.”

Some dogs appear happy in both their before and after photo, while others, like the dog pictured below, look less than thrilled about having a wet fur coat.


There are your eyes!


Serenah is well known for documenting the life of her own precious pups, including two Bulldog comedians, Simon and Garfunkel, as well as her wired haired sausage dog Henri.


Born to be a glamour model, wet or dry!


Serenah’s work doesn’t just focus on dry and wet dogs. On the contrary, she has a wide variety of awesome pet portraits you can check out on her website, Facebook or Instagram.


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