16 Things That Look Like Donald Trump’s Twin


Donald Trump is all in the spotlight right now thanks to his bid for presidency. Many people hate the man; others love him, and a plenty more just enjoy a good laugh or gasp at his audacious, off the wall antics.

No matter how you personally feel about the controversial real-estate mogul turned wannabe-president you can’t deny how many things out in the world resemble his appearance… namely that unique tuft of hair atop his head.

Perhaps some of the things on this list inspire the billionaire’s hairstyles. Of course, if Donald Trump had any say in this he would tell you it’s his hair that is the real inspiration… but we’ll let you decide looking at these 16 things that look just like Donald Trump.

1. Cattitude

donald-trump-funny-look-alike-7__700Photo Credit: Unknown

2.  Donald Trump’s Latest On The Road Campaign

donald-trump-funny-look-alike-13__700Photo Credit: clodhopper88

3. When You Start To Resemble A Troll Doll You Might Want A New Hair Stylist

donald-trump-funny-look-alike-21__700Photo Credit: Viktorija G.

4. If Donald Trump Were A Bird…

donald-trump-funny-look-alike-3__700Photo Credit: npdewey83

5. Who Wore It Best: Mr. Trump Or Mr. Corn?

donald-trump-funny-look-alike-20__700Photo Credit: Connor Doogz

6. Trumping Your Cat Is The New Thing To Do

donald-trump-funny-look-alike-201__700Photo Credit: DNAinfo

7. Donald Trump Looks Eerily Like Biff From Back To The Future

503032285PM044_Trump_InternPhoto Credit: Edgar L. Medina

8. Howler Monkeys Share An Uncanny Resemblance

trump-monkey1__700Photo Credit: Richard Cote

9. Excuse Me, Sir, I Think You Have A Golden Guinea Pig On Your Head!

donald-trump-funny-look-alike-12__700Photo Credit: Christrutwin

10. People Always Tell Me I Look Like I Could Run For President…

image470__700Photo Credit: Claudia McLean

11. Who Wore The Toupee Best? This Dog Trumps Them All

donald-trump-funny-look-alike-2__700Photo Credit: imgur.com

12. Sushi Hair Don’t Care

donald-trump-funny-look-alike-4__700Photo Credit: Unknown

13. Going For That ‘Stable’ Look

новый-коллаж__700Photo Credit: Anonimous Cookie 

14. The Donald Trump Donut

donald-trump-funny-look-alike-22__700Photo Credit: ink361.com

15. Donald Trump’s Hair Is Clearly Styled After This Unique Caterpillar

donald-trump-funny-look-alike-1__700Photo Credit: Connor Doogz

16. Pony Hair

C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved-Images_untitled__700Photo Credit: Vampy Bell

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