Dog Owner Creates Fun Illustrations With His Bull Terrier


What do you do when your entire world crumbles to bits? Rafael Mantesso decided to paint the walls of his house with humor. The Brazilian illustrator found himself in the middle of a divorce, which ended in his wife leaving, taking everything inside of their house with her.

Mantesso was suddenly left all alone in a blank white house, the paintings, furniture, and decorations completely removed. At least he had one friend by his side, his bull terrier named Jimmy Choo. Just like any loyal, loving dog, always there for their owners when times get rough, Jimmy has been mighty helpful with Mantesso’s latest collection of artwork. In order to heal his heart, the artist turned to art, and his pet dog to do the trick.

Check out these funny, sweet, and touching photos from Rafael Mantesso’s Instagram. These pictures prove that no matter what trials life throws your way you can always find a reason to smile. And if you need some help turning that frown upside down, a cute dog helps!


The image below is the photo that started it all. A man and his dog, hand to paw. We might be different species but we are still so much the same.


The white walls left behind in Mantesso’s home could be viewed as depressing, or they could be the perfect backdrops for a creative artist. With endless blank backgrounds to work with, Mantesso draws hilarious illustrations that Jimmy can fit right into.

Mantesso admits it can get a bit “messy” at times, and it often takes a little effort to get Jimmy into proper position, but for the most part the adorable pup knows the command “Stay.”


Mantesso isn’t only a fan of art, but he is also a huge fan of his bull terrier. In an interview with Bored Panda the artist revealed of the breed, “I think they are an amazing breed–behavior, personality, the love they demonstrate to their owner, and especially their aesthetics.”

In regards to Jimmy Choo in particular, Mantesso says, “He is definitely my best friend and companion. I hate it when people turn away or cross the street for fear of him– people think bull terriers and pit bull dogs are murderers and bloodthirsty.”

These stereotypes hold true no matter where you live, but it’s very far from the truth. When raised right, just like any dog, these breeds are incredibly kind and warm hearted. Just look at Jimmy for the perfect example!


Sometimes Jimmy does sweet romantic poses, and other times he pretends to be ruff and tough, you know, like Jaws!


Originally, Mantesso began this creative endeavor as a fun way to find laughter again, express himself and fill up the blank space in his newly barren home. He considers it nothing more than hobby, as his full time job is editor in chief of a Brasilian gastronomy marketing site.

Since his work has gone viral it has captured the attention of the media, as well as many others. In response, Mantesso has been getting a plethora of requests for his work. The talented artist is still unsure where he will go from here with his artwork, but at least he has new opportunities to consider. Talk about turning lemons into lemonade!


Jimmy Choo has offered endless aid to his owner, helping Mantesso get through some trying times. Now, Jimmy can stand as a representative of his breed, teaching the world that dogs of all breeds can make incredible pets that keep your spirits up no matter the weather!




Thanks for making us smile, Rafael and Jimmy!

Photo Credits: Instagram, ufunk, anothermag, Bored Panda