Meet The Dog Allergic To Humans


You’ve heard of people that are allergic to dogs but it’s not everyday you see a dog allergic to humans. In July of last year Lucky Dog Rescue Retreat in Indianapolis, Indiana rescued an adorable black Labrador mix named Adam from a local pound where he faced possible euthanization.

The Indianapolis rescue retreat’s president, Robin Herman told ABC News, “When we first saw him, he looked just absolutely miserable. His skin was just seeping. He felt like Vaseline. Reddish-pinkish fluid would just ooze out of his skin.”

At first the organization struggled to find out what was wrong with Adam, who was 1 ½ years old at the time. They worked with Indianapolis’ Animal Medical Center to find the solution. At one point they thought he had flea dermatitis but when months went by without any improvement in his condition they were at a loss for explanations.


Herman said, “He was probably on a cone for six months, and at one point, we thought we might have to put him down and out of his misery.”

Dr. Rachel Anderson was the lead vet working with Adam. After months of attempting to put the pieces together she discovered through a series of blood tests that he was actually allergic to humans, more specifically human dander.

When Dr. Anderson phoned the Lucky Dog Rescue Retreat with the news they were in for quite a surprise. “You’re not going to believe what he’s allergic to,” Dr. Anderson said, “He’s allergic to humans the same way some people are allergic to dogs and cats.”

A blood test also revealed Adam is allergic to particular pollinating plants, walnuts, cat dander, and certain insects such as houseflies and cockroaches.


People all over the world were willing to help the moment Adam’s condition went public. Many people wanted to adopt him, and many others wanted to donate money towards his care.

Beth Weber, an employee at Lucky Dogs who had helped look after him for the past year, adopted Adam. Weber was the perfect adoptee since she already knows how to take care of the extra special pup, including keeping track of his various medications, and bathing him every three days using a different soap every other time.

10628347_701172136636938_8150857898411151088_nAdam is also a regular patient at Animal Dermatology Clinic where he sees Dr. Lori Thompson. In an interview with ABC News Dr. Lori Thompson explained Adam has an autoimmune disorder known as pemphigus foliaceus, which means his “body develops a ‘self-allergy’ to the ‘glue’ that holds his skin cells together.”

She added that human dander allergies are relatively common among pets, but Adam’s skin lesions were caused by his underlying condition and not human dander.

Now that Adam’s condition is fully understood and he is on the proper medications nearly all of his fur has grown back and he is on the road to a healthy, happy life.

dog allergic to humansEveryone at Lucky Dog Retreat Rescue still gets to see Adam all the time because his new mom brings him to work with her. Since he’s feeling so much better he’s become quite a “little stinker” with an adorably mischievous streak. Herman said, “He’s got a great sense of humor about him. He’s absolutely adorable.”

Photo Credits: Lucky Dog Retreat Rescue (h/t: ABC News)

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