Discarded Tree Trunks Turned Into Elegant Works of Art

tree trunks1

Photo Credit: Jae-Hyo Lee, YouTube

South Korean artist Jae-Hyo Lee uses discarded tree trunks to create elegant, large-scale, sculptural pieces that favor both form and function. Focusing on geometric shapes such as the sphere, Lee manages to transform these organic materials into perfectly formed globes, columns, and furniture-like objects.

In a video profile about his work, Lee, who lives in Yangpyeong, explains, “I make artworks with materials around me that I can manipulate. Usually those materials are from nature.”

When it comes to his wood sculptures, he usually forgoes expensive, rare trees in favor of scraps from cheap or abandoned specimens, explaining, “I believe you can get more of a ‘wow effect’ when you create a striking piece from everyday, common materials.