When This Man’s Wife Goes On Vacation He Throws Secret Fancy Dinner Parties With His Cats


When mom’s away the cats will play… and so will the feline-loving husband, or at least in this particular case. A man known as ‘greatcanine’ on imgur has some pretty fancy dinner parties when his wife goes out of town.

He’s been married for 32 years, but even long-term married couples need their own secrets and space. For this hubby the secret includes elegant dinner parties with the couple’s cats. To match his sauve black and white felines, he wears his best black and white tuxedo.

On imgur greatcanine writes: “When my wife leaves town, I get bored. Six days into her vacation I joked, ‘I’m going to have a formal dinner with the cats.’ Then I thought about it for a while…”

He explained his wife’s absence; “It’s girls week at the beach with her old high school friends. No way I want to be part of that…” About 6 days into her vacation he became bored and lonely enough to throw a black tie dinner for himself and his cute look-alike trio of cats.

It wasn’t just a one-time affair; this man has entertained his fair share of secret fancy dinner parties for cats. Back in 2012 he threw his first grandeur party for 4. Once again in 2015 he did the same, this time posting the photo to Reddit.




man-fancy-dinner-with-cats-wife-vacation-1Photo Credits: greatcanine