Dazzling Displays of Aurora Borealis Dance Across The Night Sky

Dazzling Displays of Aurora Borealis Dance Across the Night Sky

When the sky comes to life in a magical display of green, red, purple, and all shades in between, it can only be one thing: Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights. Aurora is a natural phenomenon that can occur at any time, but is most likely to be seen when the sky is pitch dark. While the occurrence is not rare, the light show is far more spectacular sometimes over others.

If you are looking for an Aurora show the place to go is Yellowknife, Canada. It was here, in this very northern location, that Korean Photographer, Kwon O Chul found he was in just the right place, at just the right time. In only a few seconds Chul was able to collect powerful footage of the luminous force that is Aurora Borealis.

Check out the photos from Chul’s magical encounter with the northern lights, the still images allow you to see the lights in breathtaking detail, and the video (at the bottom of the post) lets you see just how fluidly the colors dance across the sky.

Dazzling Displays of Aurora Borealis Dance Across the Night Sky,

Notice the cute little teepees all lit up and cozy looking? These viewing teepees are a part of the Aurora Village, which is a popular tourist destination for people wanting to get an almost surefire view of the natural light show.

Evidence gathered by many researches throughout the years states Auroras tend to appear in the same area, known as the auroral zone. Regions that are near these points on a map get to see the best examples of aurora boreas on a regular basis. One of these locations is northern Canada. In fact, Yellowknife has the highest number of aurora sightings compared with anywhere else.

Dazzling Displays of Aurora Borealis Dance Across the Night Sky...

While there are plenty of places you can catch a glimpse of the lights, Aurora Village is one of the best viewing locations. Aurora Village is so perfect because it is far away from the ocean, located on flat ground, has clear skies and is directly beneath a known aurora oval in the Northwest Territories.

Aurora Village is also popular because of the special cultural feel the place has. After all, can you imagine what the first people that ever saw this happening in the sky must have thought? Especially if they got together with someone living in the middle of the planet, someone who would have no idea what they were describing.

Dazzling Displays of Aurora Borealis Dance Across the Night Sky..

Aurora Village not only offers pretty little teepees, but they also have heated seats (score!) that rotate 360 degrees for prime viewing no matter where the sky lights up. Prior to the green, purple, and red explosions that always take on a slightly different, but always beautiful appeal, the night sky is lit up with stars like you have never seen. Yellowknife’s high altitude, and clear skies make it a beautiful place to sit back and relax at all times, but when the sky suddenly starts to flash with color, that’s when the real fun begins.

Dazzling Displays of Aurora Borealis Dance Across the Night Sky!!

When a magnetic storm is fierce enough, auroras are known to be seen outside of the ussual region and elevation. Depending on how close to earth the outer space particles reach before colliding with earthly particles, which thus creates the colorful explosion, the colors will change, ranging between green and red.

Most auroras are a mere flash of light, or a wave of a curtain. If you get the chance to see a longer, more vivid display you can count yourself among the lucky.

Dazzling Displays of Aurora Borealis Dance Across the Night Sky!

Dazzling Displays of Aurora Borealis Dance Across the Night Sky!!!

The photos are fantastic, but just wait until you watch the Auroras video made by Kwon O Chul:

This amazing display of northern lights in Iceland will take your breath away!

Photo Credits: Kwon O Chul,