Dad Builds A “Cataquarium” To Help Freezing Cats On Thanksgiving


This has got to be one of the world’s coolest dads in the whole world! Not only did he find a way to help cats escape the cold and wet weather, but also he used his creativity to give his children some great entertainment at the same time.

Meet the latest and greatest invention: the cataquarium! Sort of like an aquarium fish tank, but instead this tank is for cats… get it…. Cataquarium!? Due to all of the stray cats that live near the family’s rural farm, dad decided to create the perfect solution.

The box-like contraption attaches to the side of the family home providing easy access for cats. In the sheltered box both kittens and cats can crawl up inside and hide out from the weather for a while. The most awesome part is that on the other side of the “cataquarium” contraption is a window that looks into the family home.


When the cats go inside they get to warm up and relax, but hopefully they don’t mind being starred at while they dry off their paws! The specially placed window allows the kids (and parents) to enjoy watching the different stray cats as they come and go.

The reddit post was published by user ericsheel, and titled “My dad built a cataquarium for Thanksgiving.”Along with the photos of the awesome invention, ericsheel also included the caption, “My dad lives on a farm and likes cats.”

After these photos of the “cataquarium” were posted they quickly went viral.

If you live near a large gang of stray cats, you know how quickly a kitty cat population can boom out of control. One time, while searching for a new apartment to rent, I ventured to a complex that was literally infested with cats. I saw cats climbing inside of cars, swinging from balcony railings, and sliding beneath fences. I LOVE cats but I knew right away I couldn’t live there. For one, what would my own cats think of the wild felines running free outside?

Anyway, my point is that living on a rural farm with an abundance of wild cats, like this family, I can only imagine how many stray cats they see and recognize on a regular basis. How kind of this family to open their hearts to these homeless cats on Thanksgiving!


The Alley Cat Allies is a non-profit organization that fights to protect feral cats. The group warns that catching and killing stray cats is cruel and does not work to help curb the population.

The Alley Cat Allies website reads, “Outdoor cats have existed alongside humans for 10,000 years. They are not a new phenomenon. Feral and stray cats live and thrive in every landscape, from the inner city to rural farmland.”

The organization argues a much better way to help control feral cats is to offer them some sort of shelter, just like the kind cat-crazy man that invented the cataquarium. Check out to see different ideas how you can create a cat shelter in your yard for local feral cats.


Doing something kind to help these cats avoid the cold is just an awesome addition to this already cool invention. Thanksgiving isn’t just about saying thanks but it’s also about giving back. Even though Thanksgiving has come and gone this year, it shouldn’t take a holiday to do something kind for another creature. Perhaps the cataquarium will inspire more people to create similar inventions to help stray cats, as well as other homeless animals.

Photo Credits: ericscheel