Cutest Squirrel Photo Session Ever Captured By Russian Photographer


Meet Vadim Trunov, a Russian photographer with a true talent for photographing wildlife. While it’s hard not to love all of his work, this cute squirrel photo shoot is one of his best yet. The personalities of the squirrels come to life as they interact, tossing snowballs at one another and even taking turns behind the camera lens.

The 30-year-old photographer has had a couple of close encounters with squirrels in the past, but this is his most interactive to date! While it looks like these squirrels are building snowmen and goofing off, the truth is a bit less fantastical. It’s the dead of winter and these squirrels are really hungry, and all they want to do is find some food to eat. Which is exactly what Trunov left out for bait, squirrel food.

Watch the cutest squirrels ever battle it out for one yummy pinecone!


It looks like these two squirrels are playing a heated game of football, but really they were trying to decide who’s going to get the pinecone. Food supply is short in the winter and that pinecone is looking pretty tasty!


Trunov left food out in a clearing near his home in order to lure in the squirrels. He chose to leave out a pine cone because it is known as a favorite food amongst squirrels. He then hid himself nearby, and waited to see if any squirrels would come take his bait.


Eventually a squirrel did come along. Trunov was waiting and watching when the first squirrel arrived with his eyes set on the prize, the delicious looking pinecone. Soon after the squirrel grabbed the pinecone and started extracting the seeds, a jealous squirrel arrived on the scene.

With envy in his eyes, the second squirrel scampered into the clearing ready to have a taste of the fallen food. And so sparks a battle between two squirrels for one pinecone.


What happened next provided Trunov a rather exciting photo shoot of the cutest squirrels ever. As the squirrels clawed at the snow, raced about and showed off some pretty impressive flips, Trunov sat only meters away taking photo after photo.


Trunov says it was clear from the start that the first squirrel would win the cone. As predicted, the first squirrel held his ground, eventually scarring off his rather fierce competitor.

The two were also arguing over this nut:


Deconstructing the snowman in search of food, although judging by the pictures it looks like these cute squirrels are the ones building the snowman!


Trunov says of his experience photographing these squirrels, “I put a pinecone in the snow, walked away, and waited. After some time, the squirrel ran up and started to gnaw it hungrily. A little while later a second squirrel appeared, this one tried to banish the first squirrel and lunged at her.”


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The wildlife enthusiast and photographer adds, “It was amazing to see because they both would spring into the air, it was truly fascinating to watch. But the first one squirrel was not going to give her cone. She grabbed the cone and jumped to her. Then she attacked and chased away her opponent.”



I feel bad for the squirrels because they are hungry, especially since the second little guy went home with nothing. Plus, you can’t help but notice the squirrels are so cute and peaceful as they fight over the food, neither is left bleeding, limping, or injured. Just goes to show the good hearted nature of squirrels.





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Photo Credit: vadimtrunov.35photo.ru500px