Cute Photo Booth Pictures Find Pit Bull A Forever Home


It’s not easy to find a furever home when you’re a shelter dog, especially not if you’re a pit bull. Despite the fact pit bulls are incredibly sweet, loyal, adorable, and downright awesome dogs, the world has some awfully wrong perceptions about the breed.

Teton, a one-year-old pit bull, used to call the Utah Human Society home. Today, he has a home to call his very own, all thanks to professional pictures the shelter uploaded of him to their Facebook page. Within no time Teton had a gaggle of groupies ready to adopt him and give him endless love.

The shelter’s latest program has helped many dogs find new forever homes, just like Teton. The premise of the new program is to take cute photos of the dogs in a photo booth setting and then post them on Facebook. The white background allows the dog’s full personality to stand out. The professional photos have helped so many dogs get the recognition they deserve, sparking even more adoptions and happy endings.



Thanks to these adorable photos Teton has now been adopted. As if the pictures don’t say enough about his great personality the shelter writes, “We think TETON might be part bat, part piggy and part Pittie or a character you might find in a children’s book. He makes adorable snorting noise while trying to shower you with kisses and hugs.”



As a ripe one-year-old, Franco is a border collie with a free spirit. This loyal canine loves to go on adventures and is quiet, reserved, and very well behaved.



Princess has now been adopted into a loving home. This small Pibble is one year old and full of endless energy, perfect for a family seeking a dog to take on their daily adventures. Hiking, running through the park, Princess wants to do it all, and thanks to the Utah Humane Society she now is enjoying the chance to do so.



Vivian might come off as shy at first, but give her some time and she warms right up, turning into the ultimate lap dog. “She’ll shower you with delicate kisses on the cheek. She even gives dog hugs pressing her chest against yours and resting her head on your shoulder!”



Bay has also been adopted thanks to his great photo shoot. He is described as, “a strong and curious boy who loves his treats and squeaky toys. He has done well with other dogs here at the HSU.”



Trigger now loves in a happy forever home.



Trinity is now adopted. The 2-year-old lab border collie blend is very smart and knows a number of tricks already. This cool, laid back dog enjoys going for walks and just hanging out with humans.



Enzo is now adopted. He is described as a, “Goofy, lovable and cheeky…happy hound dog mix!” And at only 11-months old he is ready to soak up a world of new tricks taught by his adoptive family.



“Do you sing in your car, loudly and off key? That’s okay TOBY won’t judge, just as long as you take him with you! In fact take a #selfie with him while you’re at it!”



Bram is a one-year-old border collie full of endless playful energy.



Raven the natural show dog has now been adopted. Those at the shelter believe Raven’s past must have included some sort of circus or show biz because she’s so great at doing tricks and entertaining. Since Raven was transferred from a different shelter, her history remains a mystery.



Caroline, a sweet, caring 2-year-old German shepherd, is now adopted.



Monroe is a 2-year-old Pittie mix that is impossible not to love.



This adorable 3-year old Australian Shepherd mix now lives happily ever after with his new family.


Harry is a 2-year-old German shepherd mix known around the shelter for his handsome looks. The smart and social dog is now happily adopted.


You can help the Humane Society of Utah by making a donation, fostering a pet or adopting a new cat, dog, or other animal. Check out their website to see how you can help make a difference!

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Photo Credits: utahhumane.orgFacebook